Diane Butler

Partner, Immigration Law

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

Meet Diane Butler from Davis Wright Tremaine LLP!

How long has your organization been using INSZoom?

I used INSZoom at my prior firm for over 10 years. My current firm launched it in the Fall of 2017.


What was the reason you chose INSZoom?

I selected INSZoom to use at my prior firm for its robust capabilities, data integrity, letter and email templates, and reporting capabilities. I changed to a firm that I was pleased to learn was implementing INSZoom, too.


Which INSZoom add-on module/service does your organization use and how has it helped?

The implementation package was very helpful, with the petition configuration and extended training for all staff to facilitate integration. The INSZoom team members involved in the integration were dedicated to our success.


How has using INSZoom changed the way your company does business?

Our Immigration Group is starting to live in INSZoom. For example, we use email templates to explain complex processes, or simply to send notifications, in a consistent, time-saving manner. We use questionnaires and checklists in INSZoom that enable clients to provide information seamlessly and reliably. Instead of attaching documents to emails, which requires extra steps to save them to one person’s Outlook file, they are uploaded to a shared system accessible by all. We are just starting to use reports for business intelligence about our client caseloads and to enhance efficiency.


What is your favorite part of INSZoom?

I really like the shared, reliable information capabilities, so any member of the team can see what happened last and what are the next steps, and clients love the HR Portal.


Why would you recommend us to someone else?

INSZoom really understands the importance of data integrity and they know immigration law. Whenever there is a question about the system, they are so responsive in providing assistance to address the issue.


Describe INSZoom in one sentence.

INSZoom, with its fully integrated system and all-encompassing database is one of the best tools an immigration attorney can have for keeping clients happy.

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