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Denmark Rolls Out The Red Carpet For International Business Professionals

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: November 14, 2013

A new scheme called the Red Carpet Scheme has just been launched by Denmark for business professionals. Similar to the Orange Carpet Scheme by Netherlands, this scheme will affect multiple companies, including India. Under this scheme, executives, middle-level managers and experts who are part of Indian (or other eligible countries) companies that are registered with Denmark will be given multiple entry business visas valid through all Schengen countries.

This new visa scheme was launched to support business travel to Denmark to conduct ongoing business as well as exploratory business. The program is open to public and private companies as long as they meet certain requirements. Accreditation by the company must take place before an employee can request access through the program.

Key businesses have already established themselves as participants in the Red Carpet Scheme; this includes leading companies such as Tata and L&T.

Accreditation is being offered to multiple company types, including:
  • Established local subsidiaries of Danish companies
  • Established local companies with a subsidiary in Denmark
  • Companies that regularly send employees to Denmark
  • Local companies with exclusive partnerships with Danish companies
  • Local companies whose employees regularly need to travel to Denmark to engage in business
  • Local companies with an interest in investing funds in Denmark
Benefits of participation include:
  • Decisions allowing for entry will be made within three business days
  • Documentation requirements have been greatly reduced
  • Applicants do not need to apply in person and no appointments are required
  • Multiple-entry visas are being offered

The goal of the Red Carpet Scheme is to simplify the visa and entry process to Denmark for valid business professionals. The program was created based on requests by businesses with established business engagement in Denmark. Plans are afoot to introduce a similar scheme for students wishing to obtain higher education in Denmark.

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