Dawna Sperbeck

Supervising Paralegal

Graham Adair

Meet Dawna Sperbeck from Graham Adair!

How long has your organization been using INSZoom? 

We have been using INSZoom since the firm started in January 2010.


What was the reason you chose INSZoom? 

We have all been using INSZoom for many years and felt it had all the tools required for our firm to be successful and meet our clients’ needs in a timely fashion.


Which INSZoom add-on module does your firm use and how has it helped?

We use the Advanced Case Request Module for some of our clients. The clients have access to the employee’s information and can request cases directly within the system, which is a great time saver for all.


How has using INSZoom changed the way your company does business?  

The way INSZoom has made the entire process more efficient, allows us to keep our processing times to a minimum. Our clients are able to log into their INSZoom to see/edit all their personal information and upload their most current documents directly.


What is your favorite part of INSZoom?

My favorite part of INSZoom are the questionnaires. We can personalize them for each specific type of case we process so the clients can complete the required information directly into the system and it will then auto populate on all forms and template letters for any of their cases.


Why would you recommend us to someone else?

Not only is INSZoom efficient and has all the tools needed to be successful, they have a very responsive help desk to assist you with anything you need. If you don’t know how to use a feature or where to find it, they are happy to walk you through the exact process and show you step by step how to do it.


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INSZoom is a one stop resource for any Immigration law firm.

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