Create Resonance with Clients using the INSZoom Broadcast Module

Posted by: Shadouh Lopez | Date: May 14, 2020

Immigration and employment are one of the many things highly impacted since the Covid-19 Pandemic has begun. At the time of writing, there are over 33 million American workers who lost their jobs. A big chunk of these are immigrants holding different type of visas which are either in jeopardy of being sent back to their home country or lose their status altogether. Given this scenario, INSZoom foresee attorneys or law firms needing to contact clients to provide a possible solution to figure out the next step in helping their clients remain in the United States. As a company, INSZoom would like all its clients to prosper and pivot during this strange shift by providing a solution from an untapped feature that will create significance with both their new and existing clients: The Broadcast Module.

The Broadcast Module (or as I fondly call it B-module) is an Automated E-mail Solution built within the INSZoom Case Management Software and is a powerful business tool for sending direct messages to clients. The module can be used to replace broadcast messaging and even existing e-mail marketing software (e.g. Constant Contact, Campaigner, Mailchimp, Hubspot, etc.). A remarkable benefit of using the B-module is that it pulls a list right from an existing database, already stored in INSZoom. It provides the ability to send important announcements and broadcast messages on the latest immigration laws or changes targeted to a specific client or case segment. The Broadcast Module will help grow your business by generating leads from your existing or prospective clients. It comes with advanced features that enable a user to create and design professional looking messages using HTML, images, and hyperlinks.

INSZoom recently enhanced the Broadcast module by providing a more robust recipient list filtering approach. A list generated from the database can be filtered by recipient list, case type, by company, date or group, priority, or expiration dates. Users will be given the ability to upload a contact list to target specific audiences. Messages can also be scheduled for future dates or intervals giving the sender the ability to predict a preferable time to send messages. Improved message tracking, including viewed rate, failure to send are also part of the functionality.

I became a fan of the INSZoom Broadcast Module since the day I mastered the skill of using the feature. It became my lead generation mechanism when I want to reach specific clients. It has provided favorable results when I want quick & direct response from clients. The straightforwardness of use while having essential functionalities to reach clients, without having the need to use another software when sending messages and eliminating separate excel sheet makes it worthwhile. The fact that all client and case-related information is already in INSZoom made my life easier back in the day when I have three or more different groups to reach in a week. I know the struggle of mass e-mailing and I am glad I have this platform to share some of my real-life experience using the INSZoom Broadcast Module.

1. Reach out to a micro-sized audience

It gave me the capability to reach out to a micro-sized audience derived from the firm’s existing cases – for instance, sending a message to clients with H or L visas only because they are the most affected segment during this pandemic. The first step is to compose a compelling message and choose specific recipients by using the “All Foreign Nationals of Specific Petition” from the Recipients drop-down menu, choosing H-1B & L Visas under “Choose Petitions” and after a few more clicks I get to send my message to my intended audience instead of sending a mass e-mail to everyone who are not going to benefit from my message.

2. Send Messages as immigration news and events are unfolding

The B-module favored me in sending messages as recent immigration events unfold. After composing messages with hyperlinks or images from reliable sources (e.g. government sites, statistics, etc.), I navigate to the recipient’s drop-down menu, choose my desired audience, and finally send my message. Taking into consideration that almost everyone is working remotely these days, clients are continuing to access information via e-mail using their mobile devices. Clients are best served with information right in front of them during these challenging times – they become more reliant and purposefully act to find an attorney. Law firms should capitalize on immigration law changes and must be quick in sending the latest updates to show that they are always ahead of their game.

3. Level-up client or case focused storytelling using real-life success stories

The INSZoom Broadcast Module leveled-up my client or case-focused storytelling. The Module gave me the ability to announce firm achievements to both prospective and existing clients. Law firms and attorneys should be the deliverer of good news and in most cases, success stories promote positive results and convey signs that your firm is the best. I have composed success stories on the module using actual client photos (after getting their written consent of course) and sent it to everyone in the database to tell the world that the firm just won a unique and challenging case.

4. Create a bridge to reconnect with past clients

The INSZoom Broadcast Module created a bridge to reconnect with past clients. Previous clients may have pending immigration cases that they have been putting off for a long time and a message from their immigration law firm might just be their wake-up call. Sending updates or just showing concern relating to recent events can generate new business. After composing my message, I can activate the past client segment by downloading a report of closed cases. I then navigate to the Broadcast Module and use the “Import your own list” from the recipient’s dropdown, upload the list I generated via the INSZoom Reports Module and then I can either send it right away or schedule a time to deliver my message.

5. Generate more business from your existing database

Technology does not replace the knowledge and qualifications of Immigration Attorneys and/or practitioners in terms of developing strategies towards a successful case, but it is something that can be utilized in generating more business with improved efficiency. Instead of manually creating lists or mail merging in MS Word, applying the INSZoom Broadcast Module functionality in your day to day mass communication activities will likely produce beneficial results in terms of direct client response.

The INSZoom Broadcast Module is a compelling business tool that supports law firms in client or case segmentation. Any message being sent to clients without any form of filtering is not as effective as when you reach a potential group that will benefit from a new service or strategy that a law firm or an attorney can provide.

The current situation calls for unique ways to reach out to clients. INSZoom has built-in tools to help any firm reach out to different cases or client segments. To learn more about the INSZoom Broadcast Module and all of its other helpful features, please visit or contact any of the Expert Services Team.

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