Considerations before changing technology

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: April 20, 2015

More technology is available to law firms than ever before. However, decision-makers need to conduct a thorough evaluation of their internal needs before selecting a new platform. Some law firms struggle to effectively manage changes, but many benefits can be acquired through new technology, such as better client relations, improved organization and increased efficiency. Here are some considerations before adopting a new case management platform:

Ask for input from all levels of the organization

It’s important to treat end users as stakeholders in the decision-making process. This helps law firm employees to be more engaged in the transition to new technology. Asking for input helps firms put together a more complete picture of the technology needed for everyone to be more efficient. Depending on the unique needs of the firm, a highly user-friendly platform may be the best choice.

Understand everyone adapts at a difference pace

Technology has already caused significant changes in legal practices and given lawyers the ability to work from almost anywhere at any time. Law firms include attorneys from multiple generations, and while millennials may be comfortable with advanced systems, older employees may have a steeper learning curve. Younger lawyers want technology to make their jobs easier and give them more flexibility, such as the ability to telecommute. Requiring attorneys to only work from the office can be limiting, especially with cloud storage, mobile devices and laptops that make mobility simple. Leaders need to enable lawyers to have more flexibility and help older employees adapt to changes.

considerations What do law firms need in a technology provider?
Understand data security

Data breaches are becoming a more significant problem across many industries, and law firms need to take steps to protect their data to avoid a breach of confidentiality with their clients. When moving to a cloud-based platform, law firms need to consider how they will secure their infrastructure, according to FindLaw. Many firms use public Internet, which increases the risks of security breaches. Although public networks have become more secure in the past few years, using the cloud in this environment can open a firm up for vulnerabilities. Law firms need to assess their current data security protection and determine if any upgrades are needed.

Identify key areas that need improvement

Law firms may have multiple goals when they adopt new technology, but it’s important to prioritize the top objectives. Case management software achieves multiple goals. Whether it’s enabling document collaboration so lawyers can work outside of the office or streamlining workflow, INSZoom’s platform helps firms meet these goals.

Partner with a vendor

Successful technology implementation often hinges on a law firm’s relationship with its technology vendor. A vendor will be a partner for the long haul, so it’s important to select the right one. Law firms need a platform that can integrate with their pre-existing internal systems so they don’t face additional costs. INSZoom’s case management software allows law firms to streamline workflow and improve collaboration without missing any important case deadlines, plus it offers support through the life of the relationship.

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