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Cloud-based software cuts down on IT costs and liability [VIDEO]

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: December 17, 2014


Using a cloud-based immigration case management software program is beneficial to attorneys in many ways. First, it allows lawyers to work anytime anywhere as long as they have the Internet. Second, cloud storage reduces their reliance on paper files, which can be lost or destroyed and hurt the continuity of the practice.

Taking advantage of the cloud for document storage also reduces a firm’s IT costs and liabilities.

When using in-house servers, firms must have their own IT department or work with a third-party provider. Securing the servers and performing updates and maintenance are the firm’s responsibility. Without the proper protections or attention, practices can leave their and their clients’ information vulnerable to cyberattacks.

By using a cloud-based immigration case management program, the servers and cybersecurity are maintained by the cloud provider. Reduced IT responsibilities in-house mean firms can keep fewer technology experts on staff or lower their monthly bill from a third party.

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