The situation with COVID-19 is changing quickly. As a product company, we are preparing for a wide range of outcomes. Our priorities are to keep INSZoom employees safe, to support our customers, and to ensure that INSZoom does not contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and partners is always our top priority.

We have set up a task force as part of the business continuity plan to mitigate the impact that the Coronavirus may have on our operations.

Encouraging—and, in some instances, mandating—employees to work from home

Implementing flexible work arrangements for employees and a rotating roster of workdays/shifts for on-property employees whose jobs are more manual in nature and do not easily lend themselves to remote working. During an infectious disease outbreak, it is critical that employees do not report to work while they are ill and/or experiencing the following symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people with an infectious illness such as the flu remain at home until at least 24 hours after they are free of fever (100 degrees F or 37.8 degrees C) or signs of a fever without the use of fever-reducing medications. Employees who report to work ill will be sent home in accordance with these health guidelines.

Pausing all business travel and discouraging personal travel

We have paused all non-essential business travel, globally, and advised employees to avoid large gatherings. While it remains an individual decision, we are encouraging employees to reconsider personal travel.

Identifying critical business functions and employees as part of the business continuity plan

We have set up alternate teams of employees (e.g. Team A & Team B) who can be deployed at different work schedules (e.g. Team A working in the office at alternate weeks, while Team B telecommutes). The teams have been physically segregated to avoid the risk of infection between teams. We have cross-trained employees and established covering arrangements are made to minimize disruptions.

We don’t yet know how severe COVID-19’s consequences will be. While its impact may be limited, we would like to take precautionary steps before they’re required. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and send out communications to our customers on a need basis. For a detailed overview on our business continuity plan in this unusual time, please follow the link INSZoom Disease Outbreak Business Continuity.

We are so excited to bring you yet another way of getting paid. In addition to the existing payment gateway integrations INSZoom offers, we’ve additionally partnered with LawPay because they’re one of the best and go-to solutions for the legal industry, trusted by more than 85,000 lawyers.

INSZoom uses the “Accept Payments” feature of LawPay which seamlessly allows INSZoom to connect to LawPay payment gateway, making it simple to accept online payments for the invoices.

With this INSZoom-LawPay integration, INSZoom customers benefit with:

  • Increased Efficiency – Your customers can pay online while payments are recorded directly in the INSZoom system.
  • Increased Profitability – Reduce manual effort and time and focus on what’s important -your clients and business.
  • Delightful Experience – Make the customer experience delightful, seamless, error-free and collaborative.
  • Increased Security – Keep your customers security concerns at bay, because this integration does not require you to share credit card information.

Subscribing to this add-on subscription is an extremely simple two-step process.

  • Login to INSZoom, subscribe to online payments and enable LawPay with its login credentials
  • Choose LawPay as online payment mode while sending invoices to customers or accepting payments

“We are very excited about this partnership with LawPay as we work toward defining efficient billing features in our immigration case management system. Several law firms in the United States use INSZoom’s premier case management solution and the Billing Module to manage invoices and bill their customers for various services,” stated Lawrence D’souza, Product Architect at, Inc. He further added – “Integration with LawPay, further enables our clients with an additional option to accept payments online with just a click of a button making the billing process efficient, effective with a user-friendly experience.”

If you’re an INSZoom user and would like to subscribe with our LawPay payment gateway integration, please submit your information here.

So, you’ve just got a little over two weeks until INSZoom Immigration Conference (IIC) 2019 – Zoom Early Bird Special pricing tickets sell out. On an average it might take a week to convince your boss that sending you to this conference is the best idea for the whole team. If the fact that IIC is synonymous to immigration and global mobility is not convincing enough, then –

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Is the targeted domain training and conference sessions really worth the cost and time away from your desk?

The answers are yes and yes. Here are three reasons that will help you convince your boss.

1. “IIC will help strengthen my immigration knowledge. There are unlimited learning opportunities at IIC.”

If your work day is all about working on visa petitions globally, interacting with attorneys and checking immigration updates for the employees of your organization, then you cannot afford to miss this conference. Get your questions answered by industry experts and leverage the knowledge gained for your organization. At the core of IIC are great learning opportunities and invaluable interactions with industry experts. Day 1, November 5, will be consumed with immigration domain training and the latter part of day 1 and the entire of day 2, November 6, will be all about conference sessions on best practices, global immigration trends, U.S. immigration, compliance, taxes, automation, global workforce, talent acquisition and so on. This is invaluable! We take pride to offer a targeted immigration domain training, which is difficult to find elsewhere.

2. “IIC has a structured networking platform with an emphasis of a support network.”

IIC attracts the most powerful and leading speakers in the industry. The speakers on the stage are amazing but the folks in the seats next to you are fantastic too. We’ve got attendees coming from leading organizations like you each year. Check out the list of amazing companies that attended previously here. IIC is the biggest immigration event and this is your opportunity to make connections and share best practices. Whatever your company size, the IIC community is ready to share their knowledge, skills, best practices or a lunch with you. Connect and re-connect with your peers and learn more from their respective immigration workflows. IIC is designed to connect you to people you can learn from, both at the conference and after. There is so much knowledge you will take away with you. Some of the industry’s top experts will be there and you will have access to the best and brightest thought leaders in the industry.

3. “I will be inspired to perform better”

Change starts with you, yes you! With a strong keynote every year, you will be inspired to engage and take back all the knowledge you gained at IIC to your organizations and bring change!

Of course, we do understand that every boss is different and sometimes it’s beneficial to listen to your gut. If you follow these guidelines, you will make it much easier for your boss to say YES!

We’re excited and counting days until we see you in Bengaluru, India on November 5-6. We believe that registration is your first step in your IIC journey, and you want to get your boss on board ASAP! Come and join us for two coffee-packed days with unparalleled immigration education, thriving community and galaxy of speakers. Bring your team and sign up with Zoom Early Bird Specials ending at the stroke of midnight on August 31

INSZoom is busy planning for another great conference. The Power User Conference will be held in San Ramon, CA on January 22, 2016. As we head into the holidays and many of us try and stay focused while dreaming of Turkeys and Holiday Cheer I wanted to take a few minutes and remind everyone why attending industry conferences is such a good idea for both career and business. The cost to attend is minimal to the benefits that are obtained when new things are learned and inspiring ideas are shared.

  1. To learn from and to be motivated by other power users.
  2. It is very easy to continue to sit at your desk every day doing the exact same thing in the exact same way. We all tend to become creatures of habit and when a new hire asks “why do we do it like that” the common response is “because we have always done it this way”. Don’t get stuck in the same rut. Attending power user conferences allows you to see how others are using the system and powerful best practices are exchanged. If you work for a small firm is it possible that your firm is not able to afford a system administrator or power user. You would be amazed at the ingenuity of these super stars and you should come learn from them!

  3. Find solutions to your problems.
  4. If you are struggling with how to solve a problem it is possible others did too at some point and they found a solution! We are all very busy these days and case work and clients come first. Often, there is simply no time to sit and brain storm on how to solve a problem and limited system knowledge can be a hindrance. The best solution I found to a problem came from another power user at an INSZoom Power User Conference. I was in the audience listening to how another large firm found a solution to capturing data. This was a big problem for us in Global Immigration as we required our employees to enter specific info into specific fields but our employees were inconsistent in entering the data. The solution? Create an internal questionnaire that is pinned to a foreign national’s profile! This was a huge light bulb moment and saved our company hundreds of man hours ($$) and a lot of pain.

  5. Form relationships that will lead to strategic alliances, joint ventures and referrals.
  6. Contrary to popular belief, very few people walk away from hours spent at a conference with a fistful of contacts. Many of our clients are in the same business and possibly competing for the same work but you never know when the person sitting next to you might become your next strategic alliance. Maybe you have clients who are looking for support with a certain work permit type or assistance with a country where you don’t offer services. If you want to retain your client you will need to find a way to make them happy by either finding a partner or being able to provide them with a referral.

  7. Stay current on technology trends in the immigration industry.
  8. Attending networking events allows you to glean information about current and future trends. What does the future hold for technology? What are clients demanding and what changes are coming to stay aligned with these demands? Staying on top of technology trends helps you to better plan for your future, resources and initiatives.

  9. To socialize.
  10. The world of immigration is a unique one where a lot of the work can be done from home offices. Attorneys, paralegals, case managers and power users can work from home. This is especially true in corporate based immigration where the company might be located 5 states away and they never set foot in your office. With technology, the internet, FedEx, UPS, and USPS you can process cases from home and never see your clients in person! As more and more people balance work and life it is vital to our wellbeing that we get out and socialize. We need to recharge our batteries. We need to be inspired. We need to socialize!

I joined INSZoom as a Software engineering intern for the summer of 2015. As a fresher having no experience in the software engineering industry, I really had a great experience working with a company that has the world’s largest immigration software. I am glad that I made it through facing all the real world challenges and learning from the experience.


The company has good software engineers and developers, I had the opportunity to interact with them and learn from them. I also had the opportunity to work with an excellent project manager (Delivery Head) who used to understand our difficulties and challenges and provide the best possible solution.

Their application is huge and our co-workers were very cooperative in making us understand the requirements and helped us on how to approach the problem and guided us in giving intricate details to write neat code that is understandable, easy to modify and re-usable code. Apart from this, I had opportunity to work with many other seniors who guided me on how to approach the problem and solve them in the best way possible.

To conclude, working with INSZoom as an Intern Prepared me to face real world challenges and the way in which we looked at the problems and find a permanent solution to problems.

Best Regards,

Sathvik Shivaprakash


More technology is available to global mobility teams than ever before. However, decision-makers need to conduct a thorough evaluation of their internal needs and the needs of their employees before selecting a new platform. Most corporations struggle to effectively manage change, but many benefits can be acquired through new technology, such as better employee relations, improved organization and increased efficiency. All of which have a direct and positive impact on ROI if the right immigration case management system is chosen. Here are some considerations before adopting a new immigration case management platform:

Ask for input from all levels of the organization

It’s important to treat end users as stakeholders in the decision-making process. This helps employees to be more engaged in the transition to new technology. Asking for input helps organizations put together a more complete picture of the technology needed for everyone to be more efficient. Depending on the unique needs and size of the organization, a highly user-friendly platform that is customizable to meet the needs of employees may be the best choice. It might also be imperative that employees have access to a portal where they can login and check the status of their petition, upload documents and complete questionnaires.

Understand data securityData breaches are becoming a more significant problem across many industries, and corporations need to take steps to protect their data to avoid a breach of confidentiality with their employees’s data. When moving to a cloud-based platform, corporations need to ensure that they choose a provider who is well versed in data security, someone who knows the specific requirements that attorneys must follow to ensure data security, someone like Many corporations use public Internet, or exchange information via email which increases the risks of security breaches. Not only do organizations need to choose a secure immigration case management system, their employees are demanding it. Corporations and employees are demanding proof that their data will be secure along with a solution that allows for documents to be uploaded directly into the database removing any potential security risk of sending documents via email. When evaluating an immigration case management system ask the potential vendors to provide you with proof that they have taken the necessary steps to ensure data security. INSZoom is happy to provide any client and potential client with a copy of our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate, Safe Harbor certificate, and our SOC 2 Report. All of these items are industry standards and are items that any potential immigration case management provider should be able to provide you quickly and without hesitation.

Identify key areas that need improvement

Corporations have multiple goals and must meet the needs of many stakeholders when they adopt new technology, but it’s important to prioritize the top objectives. Are you trying to improve efficiency, streamline processes, enable document collaboration, improve reporting and tracking capabilities, store data in a secure location, have the ability to access the data anywhere, or provide access to your clients through client portals? INSZoom’s immigration case management software achieves all of these items and more.

Partner with a vendor

Successful technology implementation often hinges on an organizations relationship with its technology vendor. A vendor will be a partner for the long haul, so it’s important to select the right one. Corporations need a platform that can integrate with their pre-existing internal systems so everything is working together in harmony. INSZoom’s immigration case management software allows organizations to streamline workflows and improve collaboration without missing any important case deadlines, plus it offers support through the life of the relationship. We have dedicated product trainers and product support personnel who will work with you always providing you with the support you need. Your success is important to INSZoom and we will work together to ensure all of your needs are being met.

Please reach out to us today at sales@localhost to schedule your demo and see how INSZoom can partner with you to provide you with the best in class immigration case management system.


My name is Prashanth Artal and I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Arizona State University. During the summer of 2015 I was accepted as an Intern as a Software Developer at Inc, I got a chance to work with experienced people within my industry of interest and all of the knowledge and experience gained is now helping me in my academics and studies. I found out and learned that writing meaningful code is more important than just writing a code. If you are going to take the time to write code, make sure it is meaningful!


For my first two weeks as an intern I was working on performance tuning of stored procedures and later I was put onto a project for “automation of billing services for multiple product lines”. For this project I was directly working with the Vice President of the company. Having the guidance and mentoring that came from the VP was an opportunity that I will forever be grateful for. He gave me very good training on design and coding. I worked very hard on this project and I was very pleased that my code was accepted and moved to production (i.e., LIVE!!!). I know that many companies won’t provide the opportunity to allow interns to code let alone won’t push the interns code into production (GO LIVE) but here it happened!! It is very encouraging to me that my code is still in production and being used by

I am grateful for the opportunity to intern, that I was able to work alongside the Vice President, and that I was able to experience so many things. Thank you,, Inc, for the opportunity, thank you to the management team and to the technical team for providing me support and guidance. All of the skills learned will help me in my future endeavors and on my career path.

Copyright ©2013-2015 INSZoom, Inc.


Hello, and welcome to INSZoom’s video blog. After a federal court put one of President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration on hold, U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services mistakenly issued approximately 2,000 work authorization permits. These permits would have granted a three-year extension to visa holders, but the court is evaluating whether the injunction should stand.

Although the executive action was temporarily halted in February, USCIS released the permits in error and is working to correct the issue. The Department of Justice aims convert the three-year renewals to two-year terms, which the recipients are eligible for under a 2012 program.

The DOJ is investigating the cause of the mistake. Although the government announced its plans to begin issuing three-year extensions in November, the DOJ said no applications would be processed until mid-February, which likely contributed to the confusion.

Thanks for watching, and check back with INSZoom for more immigration news.


A main benefit derived from using an immigration case management software program is the ability to generate routine and custom reports in order to track not only your individual cases, but also overall business and profit.

You can set up expiration reports to track the status of your clients’ matters, which will also help you spot new opportunities. Expiration reports are one of many types of built-in reports in case management platforms that help you track your caseload. Not only will you know exactly where each case is in the immigration process at any time, but you’ll be less likely to miss important deadlines and court dates.

Some software providers – like INSZoom​ – will also work with attorneys and law firms to create custom reports. This provides you with the ability to build reports specifically tailored to your practice and preferences.

Check back for more information on how INSZoom can help you manage your immigration cases.

Leading technology superstars from Facebook, Google and other leading multinational companies, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, have teamed up to form a new political advocacy group to promote a competitive American workforce. First on the agenda of this new group, called, is comprehensive immigration reform. The group will also focus on educational reform and scientific research. (short for Forward U.S.) will get started immediately in advance of the Senate vote on immigration reform scheduled for April 17. The group is expected to support the Gang of Eight legislation, which calls for a path to citizenship, tougher border security and a guest worker program for workers.

Learn more about, which was started by Zuckerberg, Atidya Agarwal from Dropbox, Reid Hoffman from Greylock/Linked, and others.

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