Tens of thousands of immigrants receive the H-1B visa every year, but what is the path of their professional lives? Check out INSZoom’s newest infographic to better understand the Immigration lifecycle for Foreign Student through H1B.

A new report published by BBC News lists the top 20 most wanted professionals and the countries that want them. This new study, based on analysis of multiple tiers of data, gives a new view of global migration and mobility and provides a framework for businesses, immigrants and professionals worldwide seeking a more in-depth and granular understanding of global mobility within the business sphere.

Professions listed include nursing, mechanical engineers, doctors, IT engineers and analysts, accountants, dentists, pharmacists, radiographers, chefs and more.

Learn more about these professions and the countries seeking them at the full BBC report.

Well it’s more than clear now that scores of people around the world want to migrate to the US, after all it is rightly titled “The land of opportunity.” While the doors to limitless dreams may present itself to the people of America, getting through Uncle Sam’s front door in the first place always poses to be the biggest obstacle for all those trying to convert these dreams into reality. Just being a hardcore Yankees fan isn’t enough to make the cut, is it? Well, fear not as we have found this interesting and highly enlightening “guide,” if I may call it, which describes in simple representation and language the permutations and combinations required to help you open the doors to this land of opportunity.


The article is a creation of Mike Flynn and Shikha Dalmia in association with Reason Foundation and National Foundation for American Policy and was part of the Reason Magazine – October 2008 issue.

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