INSZoom is busy planning for another great conference. The Power User Conference will be held in San Ramon, CA on January 22, 2016. As we head into the holidays and many of us try and stay focused while dreaming of Turkeys and Holiday Cheer I wanted to take a few minutes and remind everyone why attending industry conferences is such a good idea for both career and business. The cost to attend is minimal to the benefits that are obtained when new things are learned and inspiring ideas are shared.

  1. To learn from and to be motivated by other power users.
  2. It is very easy to continue to sit at your desk every day doing the exact same thing in the exact same way. We all tend to become creatures of habit and when a new hire asks “why do we do it like that” the common response is “because we have always done it this way”. Don’t get stuck in the same rut. Attending power user conferences allows you to see how others are using the system and powerful best practices are exchanged. If you work for a small firm is it possible that your firm is not able to afford a system administrator or power user. You would be amazed at the ingenuity of these super stars and you should come learn from them!

  3. Find solutions to your problems.
  4. If you are struggling with how to solve a problem it is possible others did too at some point and they found a solution! We are all very busy these days and case work and clients come first. Often, there is simply no time to sit and brain storm on how to solve a problem and limited system knowledge can be a hindrance. The best solution I found to a problem came from another power user at an INSZoom Power User Conference. I was in the audience listening to how another large firm found a solution to capturing data. This was a big problem for us in Global Immigration as we required our employees to enter specific info into specific fields but our employees were inconsistent in entering the data. The solution? Create an internal questionnaire that is pinned to a foreign national’s profile! This was a huge light bulb moment and saved our company hundreds of man hours ($$) and a lot of pain.

  5. Form relationships that will lead to strategic alliances, joint ventures and referrals.
  6. Contrary to popular belief, very few people walk away from hours spent at a conference with a fistful of contacts. Many of our clients are in the same business and possibly competing for the same work but you never know when the person sitting next to you might become your next strategic alliance. Maybe you have clients who are looking for support with a certain work permit type or assistance with a country where you don’t offer services. If you want to retain your client you will need to find a way to make them happy by either finding a partner or being able to provide them with a referral.

  7. Stay current on technology trends in the immigration industry.
  8. Attending networking events allows you to glean information about current and future trends. What does the future hold for technology? What are clients demanding and what changes are coming to stay aligned with these demands? Staying on top of technology trends helps you to better plan for your future, resources and initiatives.

  9. To socialize.
  10. The world of immigration is a unique one where a lot of the work can be done from home offices. Attorneys, paralegals, case managers and power users can work from home. This is especially true in corporate based immigration where the company might be located 5 states away and they never set foot in your office. With technology, the internet, FedEx, UPS, and USPS you can process cases from home and never see your clients in person! As more and more people balance work and life it is vital to our wellbeing that we get out and socialize. We need to recharge our batteries. We need to be inspired. We need to socialize!

The INSZoom Immigration Conference 2017 (IIC) is ready to kick off on September 21-22, 2017 in Bengaluru, India. If you’re an immigration and human resource professional engaged in the management of workforce mobility across the world, you need to be there and here are five reasons why you should be attending!

  1. Advanced and global content!
  2. No matter what immigration or global mobility role you are at your company, you will have uniquely relevant content for you. With IIC 2017, we’re committed more than ever to bring you the most advanced global content you’ve ever seen. We had sent out detailed surveys and have had countless conversations with immigration and global mobility professionals from across the world to find out what’s most relevant across the entire immigration and global mobility domain. From immigration compliance, global talent acquisition, the effect of the reforms made to the Australian skilled immigration program to global compensation trends, role of automation and artificial intelligence in immigration and global mobility, IIC 2017 will be your single touchpoint for everything immigration with many more topics!

  3. It’s the biggest event in immigration and global mobility!
  4. If you’re an immigration, human resource, global mobility professional or work in an immigration role, you simply can’t afford to miss IIC 2017. Yes, you just can’t miss it! Ever since the very first immigration conference in 2006, IIC has been synonymous with immigration and global mobility. Immigration reforms, rules, current trends, compliance guidelines are dynamic with changes made every passing year. Attending IIC 2017, will ensure that you are ‘in the know’ and adept with the latest important developments made in the immigration landscape contributing invaluably to your professional development. Without a doubt, year after year, the domain training provided at IIC has helped immigration and global mobility professionals like you, get an edge over others and streamline their firm’s immigration processes. That’s why when you talk about an immigration conference, IIC cannot be missed! No one comes close and this year will be bigger than ever!

  5. An incredible agenda with an impressive roster of speakers
  6. If you don’t know this yet, IIC is the only conference where you can hear from global mobility heads of leading corporations, immigration attorneys and officials. IIC 2017 is a two-day event with the entire first day of domain training workshop and the second day packed with speaker sessions, presentations from industry experts and thought leaders. Why go to a conference for pre-packaged keynotes and ideas that you can see on the internet? That’s been one of the biggest questions we’ve kept in front of our minds as we build out our speaker roster. We have made great efforts to bring speakers that give you new knowledge directly applicable to your challenges. There will be some fun sessions, obviously. You do not want to miss out on who we have in store for you. Keep an eye out as we get ready to introduce our speakers!

  7. A structured networking platform
  8. There’s no more a reliable way to increase what you bring to the table than to increase the number of people in your professional network. These people in your network will help augment and fuel your success as well as the success of every venture you undertake. With IIC 2017, you get the opportunity to meet peers in similar roles like you and learn from their corporate immigration practices. You will even get a chance to meet industry service providers and mobility-focused businesses.

  9. Everything immigration and global mobility!
  10. If you’re an immigration, human resource, global mobility professional, this immigration event, is your Super Bowl, your World Series and your graduation! Is there a better current event on immigration to learn about the business of immigration and global mobility than IIC 2017? The answer is no! Just a little over two months away, IIC 2017 will be the talk of the town and the can’t-miss immigration news in September 2017. Don’t miss out on the chance where you could contribute to a conversation with your peers with “I was there at IIC …”

    Register for IIC 2017 with the Zoom Early Bird Specials We can’t wait to have you!

    INSZoom- the world’s largest immigration software is proud to bring you IIC 2017, ready to hit Bengaluru, India on September 21-22, 2017!

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