INSZoom Leaders Present on Technology Innovations in the Legal Industry at Barcamp Bangalore

Anuj Sarin, Director, Product Management, recently presented at Barcamp Bangalore 13, hosted at SAP Labs in Bangalore, India. Barcamp, which is a trend-setting participatory workshop focused on innovative ideas, was the perfect setting for Sarin’s presentation on Technology Innovations in Legal Industry.

The INSZoom leaders spoke about the rise of smartphone and tablet business usage in the legal industry, new trends in e-discovery, changes in how lawyers use and access cloud computing functionality, and lawyers’ adoption of case management best practices.

Nearly 400 people attended Barcamp 2013 with many attendees joining INSZoom for our presentation.

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We thank all the attendees for making the show a grand success. For all those who have missed the splendid event, here we share a few pics, exclusively for you.

INSZoom takes this opportunity to commemorate the women who have established greater representation in law, politics, media, technology, art and other professional realms.

It is a day to celebrate the increasingly significant role played by women around the world in our growth story. We’d like to thank all the women who have dedicated their professional lives to help us grow. For over a decade, INSZoom has been committed to promoting gender equality across the globe by building its diversity and expanding opportunities for women world over. We look forward to continuing this practice for years to come.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:


Let us reflect on the important gains made in addressing gender inequality in many spheres of life and extend solidarity to all the women who continue to be denied their rights and deprived of a life with dignity.

Technology and automation are more than just buzzwords; they are proven ways to help immigration lawyers more effectively use their resources to grow their businesses and engage with their client base. Since we first started offering cloud-based case management solutions for immigration lawyers in 1999, INSZoom has excelled at giving immigration lawyers the tools to automate key components of their enterprises. We’ve worked closely with our clients over the decade to help them grow through innovation, automation and the productive use of technology.

Watch the video.

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