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We have moved to a new office!

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We are growing!


We are so excited to announce that our U.S. office has moved to a new location in Pleasanton, CA.  We spent 18 years in the Bishop Ranch business community in San Ramon, CA. That’s right, 18 long years!  Our old office served us with some extraordinary milestones, great memories and product innovations, but we couldn’t be more excited about our new office!


Why are we moving?


Growth. We are growing. The new office offered extra space and more significantly it gave us the opportunity to rebrand our organization with the new logo, launched in September of last year. We wanted a space that not only better aligned with the new brand but also accommodated the strong INSZoom culture. Our new office features far more collaborative space and an overall ‘open’ feel, which we know will strengthen the way our internal teams work together.


Visibility. In our last office, we were one of many companies in a large business park. While we really liked our neighbors, this new office gives us the opportunity to bolster our individual identity in the area.


Location. The new office is steps away from the Stoneridge Shopping Center, which puts us within walking distance of great restaurants, coffeeshops and plenty more. The location lets our team take advantage of all that Pleasanton offers.


Fun. Our new office provides an environment that people enjoy coming to work in. In addition to work, our new Zoom Café, located right in the center of the office, is a great place for our team members to interact over coffee and food. Our office is not only state-of-the-art, with the latest in tech and office design, but it is a great representation of our strong mission and brand.

We are extremely excited and we look at this new location as the beginning of another chapter in our history. The new space – though it’s twice the size of our old office, can barely contain our excitement.

Thanks for everyone’s support through the years and with the move. Our new address is 5912 Stoneridge Mall Rd. Pleasanton, CA 94588.


If you’re in the area, feel free to stop in and say hi!

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Announcing INSZoom’s new logo and here’s how we did it!

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inszoom_logo The ideation of INSZoom’s new logo started in a parking lot… Yes, seriously, you heard that right – it started in a parking lot! After 17 years, INSZoom is all set to embrace a completely new brand logo.
The seed of logo design was planted by our very own Zoomers- Sudhanva Kotabagi and Aruna Perumal, from the Bengaluru office, as they were working on an upcoming product. They wanted a new logo for the upcoming product. Umesh Vaidyamath, CEO & Founder of, Inc. wanted a logo that not only represents our current product but also all the products and services that INSZoom builds in the future. He was looking at a logo design that represented immigration, where people travel to different countries and back, across the globe. Umesh met with Designer — Andrey Retinskiy, in the parking lot and laid out his vision of the logo on a piece of paper. The journey of the new logo started from this point onward. Our design goal was to match how we look to our values, the users and industry we serve. After innumerable conversations, brainstorming sessions, sketches and mock trials, the designer worked to find something that appeared more approachable, smart, connected and represented Umesh’s vision for the company perfectly.
Talking about the color, compared with the earlier blue, the brighter blue is cool and refreshing.
Since our founding in 1999, INSZoom has become the largest immigration case management and compliance software. We wanted our logo to resonate with the domain we’ve been serving since 1999.
We really hope you like this new look and feel for INSZoom! The thought and work behind this logo is an interesting story. Check out the logo story, as we unravel the tale behind the new INSZoom logo:  
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Five reasons you should attend the INSZoom Immigration Conference 2017!

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The INSZoom Immigration Conference 2017 (IIC) is ready to kick off on September 21-22, 2017 in Bengaluru, India. If you’re an immigration and human resource professional engaged in the management of workforce mobility across the world, you need to be there and here are five reasons why you should be attending!


1. Advanced and global content!


No matter what immigration or global mobility role you are at your company, you will have uniquely relevant content for you. With IIC 2017, we’re committed more than ever to bring you the most advanced global content  you’ve ever seen. We had sent out detailed surveys and have had countless conversations with immigration and global mobility professionals from across the world to find out what’s most relevant across the entire immigration and global mobility domain. From immigration compliance, global talent acquisition, the effect of the reforms made to the Australian skilled immigration program to global compensation trends, role of automation and artificial intelligence in immigration and global mobility, IIC 2017 will be your single touchpoint for everything immigration with many more topics!


2. It’s the biggest event in immigration and global mobility!


If you’re an immigration, human resource, global mobility professional or work in an immigration role, you simply can’t afford to miss IIC 2017. Yes, you just can’t miss it! Ever since the very first immigration conference in 2006, IIC has been synonymous with immigration and global mobility. Immigration reforms, rules, current trends, compliance guidelines are dynamic with changes made every passing year. Attending IIC 2017, will ensure that you are ‘in the know’ and adept with the latest important developments made in the immigration landscape contributing invaluably to your professional development. Without a doubt, year after year, the domain training provided at IIC has helped immigration and global mobility professionals like you, get an edge over others and streamline their firm’s immigration processes. That’s why when you talk about an immigration conference, IIC cannot be missed! No one comes close and this year will be bigger than ever!


3. An incredible agenda with an impressive roster of speakers


If you don’t know this yet, IIC is the only conference where you can hear from global mobility heads of leading corporations, immigration attorneys and officials. IIC 2017 is a two-day event with the entire first day of domain training workshop and the second day packed with speaker sessions, presentations from industry experts and thought leaders. Why go to a conference for pre-packaged keynotes and ideas that you can see on the internet? That’s been one of the biggest questions we’ve kept in front of our minds as we build out our speaker roster. We have made great efforts to bring speakers that give you new knowledge directly applicable to your challenges. There will be some fun sessions, obviously. You do not want to miss out on who we have in store for you. Keep an eye out as we get ready to introduce our speakers!


4. A structured networking platform


There’s no more a reliable way to increase what you bring to the table than to increase the number of people in your professional network. These people in your network will help augment and fuel your success as well as the success of every venture you undertake. With IIC 2017, you get the opportunity to meet peers in similar roles like you and learn from their corporate immigration practices. You will even get a chance to meet industry service providers and mobility-focused businesses.


5. Everything immigration and global mobility!


If you’re an immigration, human resource, global mobility professional, this immigration event, is your Super Bowl, your World Series and your graduation! Is there a better current event on immigration to learn about the business of immigration and global mobility than IIC 2017? The answer is no! Just a little over two months away, IIC 2017 will be the talk of the town and the can’t-miss immigration news in September 2017. Don’t miss out on the chance where you could contribute to a conversation with your peers with “I was there at IIC …”


Register for IIC 2017 with the Zoom Early Bird Specials We can’t wait to have you!


INSZoom- the world’s largest immigration software is proud to bring you IIC 2017, ready to hit Bengaluru, India on September 21-22, 2017!

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How INSZoom Updated Over 100 Forms in Record Time of Less Than 48 Hours

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On December 23, 2016, USCIS updated over 100 immigration forms on a short notice. While most employees in corporate America had their long weekend to gather with friends and families for Christmas and holidays, INSZoom had an important task to work on which was getting the new forms updated in the INSZoom application as soon as possible.
INSZoom achieved the assignment of updating over 100 new forms into the application in less than 48 hours! Updating over 100 forms in the application in record time serves as a testament of INSZoom’s commitment to its customers in order to give them a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

INSZoom’s smart engineering minds were proactive and jumped right in, to make sure every new form released by USCIS is updated in the system for its users. The product support team was available to answer any questions and queries the users had regarding this update. Simultaneously, the marketing team was available to inform users about the progress from time to time. INSZoom’s leading proprietary technology combined with a dedicated team of professionals helped deliver updated forms in the application at a short notice.

Working on the holidays brought in some positive appreciation from INSZoom clients. “You guys are the best! Thanks so much for your dedication to perfection,” said Eric Copland, Partner at Copland and Brenner.

INSZoom has been on the forefront of immigration technology and has placed its commitment to customers at the highest priority. INSZoom at all times, guarantees the update of any forms in the application within 24-48 hours of release. Updating over 100 forms in a few hours was a challenging job, but INSZoom has continuously been successful in accomplishing the responsibility it has put forth to the industry. Confluence of great minds and problem solvers made the update successful in less than 48 hours, setting a record time and a benchmark for INSZoom.
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INSZoom’s annual user conference – ZoomPower 2017 is scheduled for January 19-20, 2017 in San Ramon (San Francisco Bay Area), California.

San Ramon, California – Inc. announces ZoomPower 2017 – the annual user conference. INSZoom’s annual user conference – ZoomPower 2017, is scheduled for January 19 and 20, 2017 in the beautiful city of San Ramon amidst the San Francisco Bay Area, California.
banner_2“Our annual user conference is designed for our customers and will empower them to learn, network and have fun,” said Umesh Vaidyamath, CEO and Founder of Inc. “The highlight of the conference is the hands-on training we offer to our customers where they can implement their learning on the spot, working directly with Zoom consultants. They can then execute the same knowledge in their daily practice of INSZoom.”

ZoomPower 2017 will be held at the Roundhouse Market and Conference Center in San Ramon, California. The conference is all set to offer two high-energy days of learning, networking and fun. Attendees will receive hands-on training, learn from industry best practices, utilize INSZoom to their best advantage, exchange ideas with other INSZoom customers and discover what INSZoom has planned for the next year through their product roadmap. “I went into the conference not feeling like a “power user” but came out feeling as if I had a greater knowledge and understanding of INSZoom,” stated April Peck, Senior Immigration Paralegal at Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP who attended the user conference last year. She further added, “I also learned how other firms and users were utilizing INSZoom to make their practices more efficient and we have implemented some of their ideas and practices into our daily practice.”

ZoomPower 2017 is a great conference to help INSZoom customers increase their efficiency with INSZoom and maximize profitability. Users can take back learnings from the conference and greatly improve their firm’s immigration case management processes by making it more efficient, productive and better utilize the INSZoom immigration case management software.

ZoomPower 2017 is planned by keeping the users in the center. The conference will prepare the attendees to make the most out of INSZoom, explore features they never have and utilize them to maximize results from their immigration case management processes with INSZoom. Register for the conference here ZoomPowerRegister

* * *

About INSZoom: INSZoom, Inc. (, is the world’s largest immigration software company, with offices in San Ramon, CA, USA and Bangalore, India. Founded in 1999, the company provides immigration case management solutions for immigration lawyers, corporations, universities, healthcare organizations, non-profit groups, enterprises, law firms, and immigration consultants. As a Microsoft Certified partner, INSZoom provides a comprehensive platform that allows clients to share and process valuable information online, process immigration applications quickly and stay compliant while doing so. For more information, please contact
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