Canada plans on welcoming 1.2 million new immigrants over the next three years. You read that right, 1.2 million! Increasing immigration is a signature policy for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and recently, Trudeau publicly re-committed to his promise of increased immigration by announcing that Canada is hoping to attract 401,000 new permanent residents next year. This generous immigration policy was created with a specific economic goal in mind.

Canada has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Canadian government is hoping that increased immigration will fill gaps in the labor market and give the economy a much-needed boost. Due to COVID-19, Canada — which has been welcoming a little more than 300,000 new permanent residents annually — has seen a significant decline in new permanent residents in 2020.

Despite its border being mostly closed, Canada still admitted 128,430 permanent residents between January and August of this year. Visa processing has been drastically delayed because of government shutdowns, but Canada is dedicated to making it easier for students, skilled workers, and others to become permanent residents.

Immigration lawyers and consultants may see an uptick in Canadian immigration cases over the coming months and years, so let’s start off with a quick overview of Canada’s immigration system and then talk about how case management can help the income wave of work.

A brief overview of Canada’s immigration system

Canada’s immigration system has long been used as an example for other countries. Typically fast-paced, Canada’s immigration system can still be complicated. There are over 70 different immigration programs and visas to choose from but the four most popular immigration pathways to Canada are economic, family, refugees, and humanitarian.

In 2018, 58% of new permanent residents were admitted through the economic stream. The Express Entry Program is one of these economic streams that bring skilled workers to Canada. Express Entry is a merit-based points system where candidates in the Express Entry pool are scored and ranked to gain entry to Canada. Canada uses the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) calculator to evaluate candidates on factors such as skills, work experience, educational qualifications, and English language proficiency. Candidates are assigned a CRS score out of 1200 points and need to score at least 67 points to be eligible to migrate to Canada. One of the biggest downsides of this system is that it favors young and highly educated individuals, often overlooking people 35-years-old or older.

The second-largest economic immigration pathway is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). One-third of all economic immigrants in 2018 entered Canada through PNPs which are designed to fill the economic needs of specific Provinces. These programs generally lead to a fast-track immigration process but they usually require that applicants reside in the respective Provinces after they arrive in Canada.

While Canada is famously welcoming to immigrants and its immigration system can seem straightforward, the process of choosing an immigration pathway and applying is still a complicated and evolving process. And complexity, especially at higher volumes, needs systems and automation to keep it manageable. 

Specifically, a powerful immigration case management tool that can help you expertly manage existing clients and cases as well as the increased numbers coming down the pike.

So let’s dive into how INSZoom, an immigration case management company that was born more than twenty years ago in a San Francisco garage, is perfect for Canadian immigration attorneys and consultants to manage their cases.

Yes, INSZoom is a Canadian immigration case management platform too.

With over 70 immigration pathways, the paperwork and forms required for immigration to Canada can be overwhelming! The INSZoom Case Management System is our core platform that has all the tools Canadian immigration lawyers and consultants need to easily manage Canadian immigration, human resources, billing, and compliance.

The system is cloud-based and secure, and delivers all the tools you need to accelerate your firm’s workflows. Plus, with everything from portals to dashboards, you can manage client documents, get a snapshot of your firm’s cases and more with just a few clicks. 

In addition to having your clients’ files, documents, and emails managed in one place, making case management simple and stress-free, INSZoom offers: 

  • Centralized client files and document management enable case managers to easily communicate with clients.
  • Documents that are automatically linked to cases for easy reference. 
  • Access to the latest Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) forms for both federal and Provincial Nominee Programs
  • IRCC forms are updated and available in our system within 72 hours of their official release. 
  • If some of your clients require that their data be stored in Canada, INSZoom uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers to ensure data is secure and retained within Canada.

INSZoom can also help you manage your Canadian immigration practice through automation. Zoomee is our artificial intelligence tool that will ease your workload by handling tedious administrative processes, and by using AI you’ll eliminate data errors and increase efficiency. Zoomee is constantly learning, so the more often you put it to work on Canadian immigration cases, the more skills and rules it learns.

INSZoom was the first cloud-based immigration software in the market, and since our very first product back in 2000, we’ve tried to remain on the cutting edge of the industry. We are continually updating and improving our product to make your job and your clients’ cases more manageable.

Simplify Canadian immigration with INSZoom

One-fifth of Canada’s population is foreign-born, and these immigrants have helped fueled Canada’s impressive economic growth, especially in the technology sector. Canada has built its reputation as a diverse country that welcomes immigrants and it plans on welcoming even more!

If you’re an immigration lawyer or consultant practicing Canadian immigration, you need to prepare for an increase in people seeking entry to Canada. Rely on INSZoom to manage the Canadian immigration process. 

Want to learn more about how INSZoom can improve and secure the Canadian immigration process for immigration law firms, companies, and foreign nationals? Check out our website or contact us directly!

Looks aren’t everything, unless we’re talking about websites, then looks — and the overall user experience — are everything. When potential clients search for your business online, your website will likely be the first thing they find, so it’s vital to the survival of your business that your website makes the best possible first impression.

If done right, your website will act as a 24/7 salesperson. It is constantly working to educate visitors about your business and promotes your products and services nonstop. Your website should be the dream salesperson you could only hope to hire — expert on every aspect of your business, is always closing deals, and is as good looking as it is functional. But just like the best salespeople need regular training and development, you need to continually update and invest in your website to ensure it continues to successfully welcome, inform and hopefully convert visitors.

And honestly, a great performing website isn’t a one-and-done project. Instead, over time, as you measure and analyze your site’s performance and identify specific problems or potential improvements, you can (and should) update it accordingly. It can be as simple as a rebranding — changing colors or images — or it could be as big as a complete overhaul. But either way, staying fresh is important.

We recently asked ourselves: Is INSZoom’s website telling the right story about our business? We mulled over this question for a handful of months, and realized it was time for a makeover.

Since our last website refresh a handful of years ago, the list of products and services that INSZoom offers has evolved and expanded. And as INSZoom has grown, our marketing strategy has changed and the need for a new and improved site became clear.

We’re incredibly excited to launch our new website, which highlights all of INSZoom’s added features and functionality. So much so that we wanted to write about it, and dive into why we think it’s important for immigration law firms to update their websites too!

INSZoom’s new website highlights the company’s expanded products and services

It’s easy to simply publish your website and then avoid truly evaluating its performance over time. We didn’t want to fall into that trap, so the INSZoom team took the time to measure and analyze our site’s performance before undergoing a massive design overhaul. We realized that even though we rolled out exciting new features and services over the past few years, our website wasn’t reflecting these updates, and so the pages we wanted visitors to see weren’t getting as many hits as we wanted.

After many months of hard work, our new website highlights our three premiere products and explores, in-depth, the benefits of INSZoom:

1. Case management. The INSZoom Case Management System is our core platform that helps you run your immigration law practice. The system is cloud-based and secure, and delivers all the tools you need to accelerate your firm’s workflows. Plus with everything from beneficiary portals to dashboards, you can manage client documents, get a snapshot of your firm’s cases and more with just a few clicks.

2. Zoomee virtual immigration assistant. Launched in 2019, Zoomee is INSZoom’s artificial intelligence tool that eases the massive workload of your paralegals and legal assistants. Zoomee handles administrative processes such as reading scanned USCIS notices and updating the respective client’s INSZoom file – something that can be time-consuming and error-prone when done by a person but faster and error-free when leveraging Zoomee. Plus, we are continuing to teach Zoomee new skills, so the more you use it, the more streamlined and efficient you can make your law firm.

3. INSZoom Academy. And finally, about two years ago we launched the INSZoom Academy, which helps our users perform at their absolute best. The INSZoom Academy provides quality training and structured assessments that will enable you to solve your day-to-day immigration law challenges using the INSZoom case management system better and more effectively. You’ll master the capabilities of INSZoom and set yourself apart as an INSZoom expert. Plus, upon completion of various courses, users can get a certification that not only shows they’ve mastered the system, it makes them more marketable for promotions or new opportunities!

We’re extremely proud and excited about our website redesign, but one thing we kept thinking about as we were working on our own website was how we wanted to share this concept of consistent updates and redesigns with the broader immigration industry.

So we thought we’d post the question to you, the reader: is it time to revisit and potentially update your website?

Here are some reasons now might be the time to update your immigration law firm’s website.

Does your website need an update?

Renewing your company’s online presence is vital to your continued growth. For a tech company like INSZoom, a website update reflects new products, new features, or an entirely new marketing direction. And so while it’s exciting, it’s often a lot of work.

The great news for law firms is that, unless you’re expanding into a new practice area or making a substantive change about your firm’s structure, updating your website can actually be much easier. If you’re wondering, “well why should I

Here are five questions you can ask yourself to see if it’s time to update your website:

Do you want to rebrand?
Your website needs a consistent look and feel across every page. Colors, image themes, and design features should be the same throughout because even the smallest inconsistencies — like navigation menus in different locations from page to page — can frustrate visitors and increase your bounce rate. If you haven’t updated your website since it was first published, freshening up features like color palette, fonts, button styles, and iconography is an easy first place to start.

Do you want more traffic?
You could have the best-looking website on the web but if it isn’t optimized for search, no one will see it. The best way to boost traffic to your site is through content creation, specifically publishing articles on your website’s blog. Websites that feature a blog have a 434% greater chance of being ranked highly on search engines.

You can do a keyword research to discover what specific words and phrases people are using in their search engine queries. Include these keywords in your blog posts to boost their searchability. The more you publish to your blog, the more frequently your site will update, and the better it will rank online.

Do you want to convert more visitors to leads?
Your website should tell visitors — total strangers to your company — everything they need to know about your company. Your website’s content should 1) be easy to navigate, 2) clearly demonstrate your value, and 3) make it easy for visitors to become paying clients. Something as simple as the design and content of your website’s buttons can make a world of a difference.
Do you want a mobile-optimized website?
Did you know that 58% of website traffic is via a mobile device? We love our phones, and we do a lot of work — both personal and professional — on them, and search engines know this. When you Google something on your phone, Google will show you mobile-friendly pages first. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re missing a massive number of potential clients.

Do you want to improve the user experience?
Improving your website’s functionality will create the best experience for your users and convert them into customers. User experience can be boosted with small changes like reconsidering images on your website or checking your backlinks. Research ways to improve your website’s user experience online or hire a professional to guide your redesign.

Check out INSZoom’s new and improved website

A good website redesign isn’t always cheap — it requires investment of your time, money, and effort — but a beautiful and functional website is vital to your success. A high-performing website will meet your visitors’ needs, increase your conversion rate, and improve your search engine ranking.

Visit to see our design overhaul for yourself!

And if you want to learn more about how INSZoom can improve and secure the immigration process for your immigration law firm, check out how you can truly turn your firm digital yourself or contact us directly!

Almost every immigrant has a story about their adventure navigating the maze that leads to US citizenship. These tales usually involve a never-ending pile of forms, confusing questions, and thousands of dollars in legal fees. And evolving immigration policy and a complex application process has made applying for US visas, greencards, and citizenship a challenge for not only applicants but also immigration lawyers.

It’s hard to imagine just how much paperwork is involved in immigration. The entire process of capturing, processing, and storing necessary immigration documents is so extensive that an entire industry of immigration technology companies has popped up to face this challenge. And the company I started in my garage in California over 20 years ago, INSZoom, is one of them.

Truly, the story of INSZoom is the story of much of today’s immigration tech sector. We were the first cloud-based immigration software in the market, and since our very first product back in 2000, we’ve tried to remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

But here’s the thing – it’s not easy to stay on top of both technology as well as immigration updates, policy changes and more. Indeed, in 2020, it seems that immigration has been changing almost daily. So how is it possible to keep up with everything?

The answer is simple – work with great people. And that’s exactly what we have at INSZoom.

In this article, I wanted to write about and celebrate one particular team, which is the INSZoom Forms Team, who ensure that our users have the most up-to-date immigration forms in almost real-time if and when there are changes.

But before I share more about our forms team, here’s a bit of immigration software history.

A brief history of immigration “tech” before the cloud

The US government knows its immigration system is a heaving mountain of paperwork, and they’ve invested millions and millions of dollars to try and replace and digitize its antiquated immigration management system. Until the government sorts out how to make its hundreds of immigration forms accessible online, which a recent spending bill is trying to do, foreign nationals, their employers and their lawyers have been left trying to manage the system themselves.

Before immigration software existed, the entire process involved immigration lawyers essentially getting immigration forms from the government shipped to them by mail, making photocopies and keeping stacks of these forms at their office, and then filling them out manually (often with a typewriter) and shipping them back to the appropriate government office. As you can imagine, delays were common and just one missing form could set-back an applicant’s entire immigration process by months. 

The first wave of immigration software was centered around digitizing these forms, which was an amazing step up from having thousands of hard copies sitting in an office. But there was one major flaw – these software programs lived on their users’ actual computers, which means they had to be installed with a CD and, perhaps more importantly, could only be updated with new CD versions.

So whenever the US immigration system changed — whether a new form was created or an old form was updated — immigration lawyers couldn’t get these updates on their computers right away. Instead, they would receive quarterly software update CDs that they would install and only then have the most up-to-date forms.

Plus, for law firms who couldn’t quite manage the IT process themselves, they had to hire outside IT firms who would show up just to install these quarterly updates. And so when the government changed a form, law firms would need to wait until the next quarter to get that update and in the meantime request a physical copy of each form in the mail that would need to be copied and distributed.

If this sounds exhausting and inefficient, that’s because it was.

And then INSZoom changed the game.

Bringing cloud-based technology to immigration

INSZoom was the first immigration software in the cloud. Instead of having to get a CD, download software on each of your immigration law firm’s computers, INSZoom, from the start, enabled users to access the platform from the web. And while software as a service (SaaS) is the norm today, this was seen as a bad idea back in 2000 when INSZoom launched. The dot com bubble had just burst, the internet wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous as it is today, and no one else in the industry was doing this. So naturally the industry was skeptical.

But we forged on.

We understood that immigration law is complicated, intensive and often deeply personal, and we knew that immigration technology had to evolve to help law firms bring those services into the 21st century through better business, reduced costs, and error-free, stress-free immigration.

Personally, I think the biggest and most important thing that INSZoom continues to offer all these years is near-real time access to the most up-to-date immigration forms and applications. USCIS regularly releases new and updated forms that sometimes include small changes and other times involve massive overhauls. For immigration lawyers, manually monitoring these changes and updating forms is almost impossible.

Our Forms team does that work for you. The team works 24/7 to monitor and track updates from USCIS so users never have to worry about using an out-of-date form. Between 24 to 48 hours after a form is officially changed or a new version is available, the Forms team will already have mapped and updated that form with INSZoom.

The Forms team is truly dedicated to improving the immigration process, and some members have been working with INSZoom for many years.

So let’s meet them and celebrate them, shall we?

Celebrating INSZoom’s Forms team!

The INSZoom team is a strong and passionate group of people that drives the company forward and has kept it growing for over 20 years! And what I’m most proud of is the fact that some of the company’s Forms team members have been with INSZoom for many years. Indeed, their passion for the company and the field of immigration is as strong, if not stronger, than it was when they joined years ago!

You might be wondering what keeps someone in the immigration tech industry for decades. The answer is simple: immigration is powerful and emotional, and often creates a positive result in the end. INSZoom team members are part of every immigrant’s journey who in one way or another interacts with our system, and, in a way, our team helps them live out their immigrant dream.

Here’s a story for you.

Years ago, one of our immigration law firm users found out her client was picked up by officials and was facing immediate deportation. When the lawyer found out, she grabbed her laptop, jumped into her car, and drove to meet her client. When she got there, nearly in the nick of time, she met with the client, pulled out her laptop, signed on to INSZoom and filled out the necessary forms to apply for a Stay of Removal. In the end, her quick action and fast access to the appropriate forms she needed actually kept that client from being deported. She told us this story, and it’s exactly situations like this that fuel the INSZoom Forms team’s passion for what they do.

So today I want to celebrate a few members of the Forms team, particulation those who have been with us for a while.

●      Sunil Kolkur has been with INSZoom for more than 2 decades. He started as a System Administrator and later became head of IT Infrastructure & Data Security as well as the head of the Forms team. He is a visionary leader who strategically plan & set goals to empower and help his whole team reach deadlines and complete projects. Sunil has contributed much of his skills and knowledge in perfecting the most important and crucial parts of the application which are forms and questionnaires. His continuous presence is what makes the back-end operations a well-oiled machine. 

●      Sumitha Ravindra, has been with INSZoom for more than 11 years. She spearheads the forms and questionnaires department. She is behind the development of new products which aims to provide robust and effective features for all types of clients. Sumitha acts quickly and is a great influence in resolving occasional application issues. She is equipped to adjust and evolve with the continuous change in the immigration industry. She succeeds with a knack of incorporating empathy into the design and development of products to meet customer needs.

●      Dileep Renugopal, has been with INSZoom for more than a decade. He oversees government procedures and how it applies to the case management process. He also builds the forms and questionnaires team and facilitates the process on how to simplify the application to make it easy for end users. His constant support and timely response to user needs ensure that INSZoom can retain customer loyalty.

●      Kanika Rathore, a lead with 5+ years of experience at INSZOOM, whose day-to-day mission is to understand customer needs and how she can translate it to scalable and practical solutions. She plays a critical role in being able to make required and immediate changes in the application in a live environment without impacting product availability and performance at any given moment. Her talent in creative design helps INSZoom bring modernized forms and questionnaires to users. She is one of the phenomenal minds behind engineering at INSZOOM forms & questionnaires.

●      Saranya Subramanian, is a fresh talent and energetic product engineer who has 3+ years of experience and is part of the forms team. Saranya is an impressive technical developer who translates all ideas, designs, and solutions into codes and applies her final touches to adhere to customer and business needs. She belongs to a pool of young gene of innovative and strategic developers at INSZoom. Her innovative ideas, R&D contributes to the growth and success of the business. 

INSZoom’s success is due to dedicated team members like these, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their tireless effort and dedication!


INSZoom has been committed to being at the forefront of immigration technology since its inception, and a key element of that has been the Forms team. We love to look ahead to what’s next, but it’s important to also look back on where the company came from and who makes it what it is.

Want to learn more about how INSZoom can improve and secure the immigration process for immigration law firms, companies, and foreign nationals? Check out our new and improved website or connect with your existing INSZoom rep!

Most new technologies don’t instantly become smash hits. Even the tractor — which you’d think farmers would whole-heartedly support — was initially viewed as an expensive thief of horses’ jobs. Consumers need time to understand, adjust, and, most importantly, observe other people successfully using the new technology.

This is called the Technology Adoption Curve. At one end of the curve you have the Innovators. These are risk-takers who dive right into new technology. At the other end of the curve you have the Laggards. This group will adopt technology when it’s the only remaining option to complete a task. Think: Grandma buying an iPhone just to FaceTime with the grandkids.

Right after the Innovators is the most important group: The Early Adopters.

The Early Adopters are well-connected, educated, and are considered thought leaders in their field. Turning a skeptic into an Early Adopter and ultimately a brand “evangelist” is the dream of any enterprise. For INSZoom, after we launched our virtual assistant Zoomee, we were fortunate to have a client like this: Kalpana Peddibhotla.

Kalpana is a founding partner and immigration attorney at Mathews & Peddibhotla Law Group and has been practicing law for over twenty years. She started her career in civil litigation and international tax, but early on, after getting involved in a particularly emotional pro bono case, she became passionate about immigrant rights.

“One of the cases I came across early on in my career as a civil litigator was a terrible human trafficking case that happened here in the Bay area,” Kalpana recalled. “The ACLU immigrant rights group had reached out to me because the girls that had been trafficked were from the part of India that my family hails from. I met an asylum attorney and assisted her, and I saw the power of what an immigration lawyer can do to truly help people’s lives.”

It wasn’t only the trafficking case that inspired Kalpana. She is a first generation American with immigrant parents and a husband who is also an immigrant. The issues that affect immigrants and the laws that work for and against were, and still are, are important to her.

Although Kalpana and MPLG practice all areas of immigration law, they mainly focus on business immigration. “I started out wanting to be an asylum attorney and I ended up being a business immigration lawyer because that was the work we ended up getting.”

Kalpana also happens to be a skeptic-turned-admirer of INSZoom’s Zoomee.

Would you trust a bot?

Anyone in the legal field understands how paralegals or legal assistants are overworked with tedious administrative processes. These administrative headaches are even more painful for immigration lawyers, because parts of the immigration process can be repetitive and, if volumes are high, become quite time-consuming. This is where Zoomee, a virtual assistant for the immigration industry, steps in.

Zoomee is a powerful process automation bot that automates various immigration processes right in the INSZoom platform. For example, you can upload a government notices, such as a receipt or approval notice, Zoomee will read that notice using proprietary optical character recognition technology, and will then update the corresponding client’s file or create a new file if it’s a document for a new client.

When she got a call about Zoomee, Kalpana was already an INSZoom power user, but she admitted she was skeptical at first.

“We were very skeptical. The idea that a bot is going to be able to do some of the things that we have file clerks do was something I wasn’t sure made sense.” Because of this, Kalpana and her law practice actually didn’t immediately adopt Zoomee in the beginning, and put it in their back pocket as a feature they might revisit at some point in the future..

But then the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe, and the team at MPLG suddenly faced unprecedented problems that, it turned out, only Zoomee could solve.

Covid-19 and the rush to adopt Zoomee

On Friday, March 13th, 2020 — an ominous date that Kalpana will not soon forget — the MPLG office closed swiftly and indefinitely in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Everybody grabbed their laptops and whatnot thinking we were just taking a three week break. Two months later and we were still out and working from home. That created a backlog of notices because staff wasn’t going into the office to read and process them.”

Under normal circumstances, a file clerk would read and then manually file each received government notice. MPLG had a color-coded system for each notice category – a different color of paper was assigned to each notice and the file clerk followed a checklist of tasks for each type of notice. The process was really well thought-out, but it was tedious, and the backlog of unread notices was rapidly becoming a serious issue for Kalpana and her team.

So they called INSZoom to ask about Zoomee again. Shortly after, they deployed it to handle the mounting issue. Kalpana — once uncertain about relying on a bot — was blown away.

Zoomee eliminated the entire color-coding process that they were using to track notices. And to Kalpana’s great delight, “they cleared our backlog in a day, which would have taken us at least a few weeks!”

Zoomee wasn’t sent blindly into the backlog of unread notices. It was carefully trained to do its job quickly and precisely. “We did a test run,” explains Shana Howard, Senior Paralegal at MPLG. “They would send us Zoomee’s work and then we would review it.

INSZoom assigned a specific account manager to MPLG who handles all their Zoomee-related questions and issues. “Anytime we would see something wrong or that wasn’t aligned with our internal process, we would just let them know and they’d work on it,” Shana explained.

“Going through that back-and-forth process made it really comfortable. Now, when I see something that needs to be addressed, I know I can send an email to our Zoomee support and say, ‘what’s going on with this?’ I appreciate that a lot.”

In addition to answering questions and solving problems, their account manager is always around for check-ins too. This has put Kaplana’s mind at ease.

“That’s what we were nervous about with a bot. Initially we worried about who was overseeing what it was doing just to make sure,” noted Kalpana. “I gained a lot of confidence because INSZoom assigned somebody to make sure everything is moving regularly.”

But hands-on support is not the only benefit of using Zoomee.

Zoomee eliminates the possibility of human error

Virtual assistants are vital to the immigration industry, and that’s primarily because accurate data-gathering is crucial, and piles of paperwork are notoriously teetering. If done manually, all of this adds up to plenty of room for human error.

The file clerk position that was tasked with managing the notices had a high-turnover rate, which resulted in a constant churn of people training for and then leaving the role. Tedious tasks create opportunities for boredom, turnover, and mistakes. Zoomee can handle that.

“Reading notices, it’s monotonous, it wasn’t the most exciting job,” explained Kalpana. “We’ve been able to move our current file clerk to do other, more impactful work since Zoomee is handling the notices for us now.”

Zoomee helped Kalpana, Shana, and their team cut back on human error and significantly speed up their processes. With Zoomee, there are no mistakes made by a new file clerk, no delays with paralegals signing off on work, and clients never end up with the wrong information.

But most importantly to Kalpana, Zoomee has enabled MPLG to keep their entire staff safe during the pandemic.

“We are not in the office anymore. I didn’t feel good about calling my team in, and nobody really wants to come in on a consistent basis. Our practice had to become more and more digital,” Kalpana explained, “and Zoomee has really enabled us to get there.”

Making our clients happy is why we do what we do

The coronavirus pandemic has flipped our lives and work upside down, and it was the final push Kalpana and her team needed to adopt this new technology and automate their processes.

“I do love Zoomee,” exclaimed Shana. “It takes away my everyday headaches so much. I really laughed when Kalpana told me about it, but I can actually say that I love it now that we’re using it.”

So despite admitting skepticism and worries about a bot running wild with her client’s data, Zoomee has gained its biggest fan. “I would recommend this to other law firms,” Kalpana declared.

Want to learn more about Zoomee? Visit the Zoomee information page or reach out to your INSZoom representative at

Before COVID-19, global mobility was on the rise. More and more employees sought international assignments, and companies facilitated them, understanding that they are a great way to keep employees happy, encourage professional development, and attract new talent.

And while international movement has largely come to a halt due to COVID-19, it will eventually get back into full-swing, which means that the down time we’re experiencing today is the perfect time to survey and upgrade industry technology.

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing at INSZoom. On the heels of launching INSZoom’s case manager mobile app, we are incredibly excited to announce our shift toward utilizing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect our immigration case management platform with other platforms in the industry!

Overall, the immigration and global mobility industry has a number of great technology platforms – from immigration case management and forms automation tools to relocation trackers and more – but they are, for the most part, separate from each other, require multiple log-ins and often even require entering the same data over and over.

And that’s where APIs come in.

So let’s dive briefly into what APIs are, how we believe they will positively impact our industry, and then shed some light on our very first API integration with Crown World Mobility.

APIs: What are they and how do they work?

Let’s start with the basics: what is an API? An API — Application Programming Interface — creates access between different applications and allows each app to share functionality or data between one another. When applied, the connection created by the API is often called an integration. Here’s an example: When you read an article on Forbes and click the “Share on Twitter” button, an API communicates with your Twitter account without you having to do anything more than click your mouse.

APIs are incredibly important to developers. Rather than build something entirely from scratch, developers are able to use an API to borrow functionality from other apps. For example, vendors or service providers use Stripe, an online payments platform, to process payments safely and securely without having to build their own.

With APIs, the possibilities are endless for developers, but perhaps more importantly, for the end users, enabling, say, access to multiple services at the same time through one app that connects them all and delivers the data in one place.

Take personal banking as an example: if you’ve ever used the financial software Mint, you’ve experienced this firsthand. Mint connects to all your bank accounts and credit cards and, using one piece of software, Mint users can view and manage all their banking data across multiple external accounts on one interface.

In the immigration industry, lawyers use case management platforms like INSZoom to manage files, draft and put together visa petitions, and communicate with clients or, in the employment immigration context, clients as well as the individuals actually moving to the US. But what happens after the visa is approved and the individual, and perhaps their family, begins their cross-border journey?

The answer is: a lot. In fact, that’s when the work really begins. But this work isn’t handled by immigration lawyers, it’s handled by companies like Crown World Mobility, who help coordinate, manage and actually carry out the physical move. And guess what? Crown World Mobility has its own tech platform that tracks the very same individual that just received their visa.

So doesn’t it make sense for relevant data that’s already in INSZoom to also be shared with their platform? We thought so, and so did Crown World Mobility, and thus, our API integration was born.

The Crown World Mobility And INSZoom API Integration

Crown World Mobility, headquartered in Hong Kong, provides household goods shipments, immigration assistance, and other move management services. Crown employs more than 4,000 people worldwide and, when it comes to immigration, is implementing INSZoom globally to manage client work permit and visa processes.

Creating employee profiles manually in both the INSZoom system and Crown’s in-house HR system was tedious and time-consuming, so we partnered up and built an INSZoom integration as a way to easily capture immigration progress, status and documents for their Immigration Consultants.

The integration allows Crown World Mobility to sync their employee data management platform with INSZoom, making it easy for their case managers to make immigration-related updates in INSZoom and automatically see the updates in their in-house system. Updating employee data in multiple systems is inefficient. So, with this API integration, there are no concerns about syncing important client data to INSZoom anymore.

Crown has established a close working relationship with INSZoom, and now their team can more easily manage their clients and client data with greater ease and speed, and an enhanced user experience!

INSZoom and the future of global mobility

As the world continues to become more and more digital, APIs are going to play a powerful role in the growth of the immigration and global mobility industry. As new companies come up and existing platforms like INSZoom continue to grow, APIs will allow users and end clients to leverage the power of all these products and services without the headache of repeated data entry, hundreds of different log-ins and more.

With this successful API integration, we are excited to work with more companies in the industry’s pursuit of collaboration, enhanced user experience and innovation.

Want to learn more about INSZoom APIs or interested in exploring whether your company can integrate with our platform? Reach out to an INSZoom representative at or contact me directly to discuss!

The INSZoom team has returned from yet another successful AILA conference and customer appreciation event!


One of the reasons AILA is such an important event for the INSZoom team is because it gives us an opportunity to get real time feedback from our customers in-person. While introducing new upgrades to our software and workflow features to potential clients is a priority for us, our top priority at AILA is spending time with the law firms and attorneys already using our case management cloud-based software.

We hope everyone who came to our customer appreciation event on Friday at The Tasting Room Wine Bar and Shop had as much fun as we did.


Your positive feedback and candor regarding different ways our software can continue to customize to fit the needs of your clients and help you grow your business is instrumental to our product developers and engineers.

Again, thank you to all our customers who we had a chance to spend time with, to everyone who stopped by our booth for demos, and all the new customers we left with. We look forward to fostering these newly formed partnerships and seeing you all at the next AILA event!

  • “The INSZoom team has been my immigration “partner” since the beginning of my immigration practice. The support staff has been amazing by providing service that goes well beyond what is expected. In a crunch, I was able to draft documents to halt the deportation of my client THAT DAY thanks to the ease of document generation and the support from Arun, product support specialist, who guided me in the preparation process. The INSZoom team created my website and provides technical support that I desperately need as a solo practitioner. INSZoom is a reliable partner! Thanks INSZoom family!” – Sharon Cole
  • “I have been using INSZoom since 2011, and it has been such a great tool not only for my firm but for my clients (removals and businesses). I had tried in the past other software and I would extremely recommend INSZoom for your firm.” – Mary Teruya, The Law Office of Mary Teruya
  • “Forsythe Immigration Law Firm relies on INSZoom to deliver efficient and effective service to our clients. We have tried other vendors and have found no other comprehensive solution to better meet our needs.” – Jordan Forsythe, Forsythe Immigration Law Firm
  • “I have been using INSZoom for about 10 years and it is great. It saves time and impresses clients. The tech support is superlative.” – Adam King, Ketchum, Idaho
  • “Pride Immigration Law Firm has been using INSZoom for our corporate and family based work for some time. It is a great tool and the cloud based computing is spot on. I have tried other vendors and INSZoom has been the best so far. Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC has made our practice run a lot more efficiently through efficient workflows. It is no surprise that they are the Form powerhouse.“ – Jon Martin (on behalf of Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC’s use of INSZoom’s workflow system)
  • “We have been using INSZoom for almost 8 years and it makes our large global firm efficient. We are able to process cases quickly and effectively keeping our global clients informed.” – Andrea Elliott, Pro-Link GLOBAL
  • “Our network has been using INSZoom for years. We have appreciated the ability to access our case data from anywhere, including off-site churches where we often meet with clients. The customer support has also been a big help.” – Rob Rutland-Brown, National Justice for Our Neighbors
  • “I started using INSZoom as soon as I started my solo practice and it was the best investment I could have made. The clients loved the ability to just submit their info on-line, and I have immediate access to it. The customer service is professional and very fast. They follow-up to make sure everything works. Thank you.” – Miha Britt, Britt Immigration Law LLC
  • “We started using INZOOM in 2005 after trying various other software. It is by far the best immigration software we have used. Its functionality is unmatched. We also appreciate the prompt service whenever we have questions. “ – Gary Hansen & Company
  • “My firm has been using INSZoom since 2012. We really like it and it is easy to use. We are able to process more cases because it has improved efficiency and saves us time.” – Murthy K. Venkata Ramana, Law Offices of Murthy K. Venkata Ramana P.C.
  • “I like the customer support and they are very helpful at ensuring I understand the system, they update me on the process of tickets that I have raised in a proactive way and it helps me to be more efficient. I like how the billing, forms, and reports are all in one location.” – Jeraline Singh Edwards, Law Offices of Jeraline Singh Edwards
  • “I have used INSZoom for many years now and loved the ease of use and set-up of the system. They constantly update their site and have a very fast response time for questions and issues. Most importantly, their cost per user beats most competitors. Thank you INSZoom for putting out such a great product.” Richard Chang, Wasserman, Mancini & Chang P.C.

  • “INSZoom is a great product because its accessibility. The staff is very helpful and willing to help with any issues. The company stands behind the product, which is great.” – Mandi Bucceroni
  • “INSZoom has helped organize our practice tremendously since we started using it. It is very comprehensive and easy for our entire staff to use, and it allows us to represent our clients effectively and efficiently. “ – Jenny Ansay, Justice for Our Neighbors
  • “INSZoom is a great asset to my practice. Working in the field of global immigration, it is a great “one stop shop” for the information I need to service my clients well. In addition, the support I receive from the INSZoom staff is top notch and they make the process seamless. INSZoom is a cost effective way of tracking client files and it’s very user-friendly.” – Alma Montes de Oca

The experience I gathered while interning at INSZoom as a Web Graphic Artist allowed me to take my design skills to the next level, from theoretical works to actual real-life company projects. During my internship I worked on marketing materials for corporate events, photo editing, product advertising, promotional emails, and was able to put my web design skills to use by working on the company’s Zendesk platform and updating pages on the company website. Overall the best experience was getting to meet and work with an amazing group of people. The environment was great to work in and everyone was approachable if I ever had a question.

— Natalia Burris

As an immigration attorney, your job is to manage information – to share it and shape it so that it delivers value to your clients. Your approach to the technology you use to manage that information – the tools that power communication, data retention, accounting and so much more – will define how productive you will be as you manage your immigration law practice.

I’ve been able to grow INSZoom into the company it is today without sacrificing personal time because I’ve been an early adopter of tech tools that have helped me more productively scale my ability to manage information. These tools have helped me effectively run the day-to-day operations of a multinational company with hundreds of employees worldwide.

I’d like to share with you some of the best tech tools I’ve discovered to help me succeed. These tools will help you as well by helping you more effectively manage your time, be more productive and scale your immigration practice for growth.

Online Conferences and Meetings: Everybody knows about GoToMeeting and WebEx, the two top players in online conferencing. But not as many know about, an easy-to-use and free online videoconferencing tool. can be accessed via a lightweight downloadable app. You can create a free account or invest $20 a month and get a branded version with a customized URL (e.g., lets you share your screen or your attendees’ screens. You can also use it to pass mouse control to another person, which is great if you need quick technical support. Find out more at

Password Management: How many usernames and passwords do you have? How many times on a weekly basis do you forget what they are? If you haven’t done so already, you should immediately get a password management tool. It will change your life. I’m partial to 1Password, by Agile Bits. Their 1Password Families service can be accessed by up to five people, an ideal solution for a small immigration practice. Learn more at

Internal Communications: Traditional modes of internal communication, such as emails and meetings, are a mainstay of company management. But new internal social networking solutions are giving organizations of all sizes a new way to think about and manage internal collaboration. The leader in enterprise social marketing is Yammer. We implemented Yammer as INSZoom’s social network a few years ago and saw a 75% drop in email communication as a result. Our employees were using Yammer instead of email to share updates, manage projects and tasks, and in the process they were also networking and communicating. It was a win-win solution. Yammer is built into Office 365 Premium and Essentials editions. Learn more at

Text Expansion: Text expansion tools have been the secret weapon of computer programmers for a few years now, but are now becoming used by other fields. A text expansion tool converts snippet of text into more complex chunks of content. For example, you could tell your text expansion tool to convert the phrase” lgladv” into your standard boilerplate statement, “This email should not be considered legal advice.” TextExpander is one of the more well-known of the text expansion tools. Learn more at

Notetaking: Smart pens like the new Livescribe 3 bring notetaking into the digital age. Write your notes on any paper with the Livescribe and your notes will immediately appear on a connected device. Then use Livescribe’s OCR functionality to convert your notes into text that can be saved, emailed or filed away. Livescribe can help you turn written notes into actionable content easily shared and managed in a digital space. Learn more at

Productivity tools like the ones I’ve described can help you automate your tasks, more effectively manage business processes and get the most out of communication. This is exactly what we’ve focused on at INSZoom – using technology to help immigration professionals improve productivity and increase efficiency.

Umesh Vaidyamath is a leading entrepreneur and immigration technology thought leader. He is the founder and CEO of, Inc., the world’s leading immigration software company, and Zoomlee, an app to help you store, track comply and share documents when traveling internationally. Follow him @Zumesh.

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the brand new, cool and refreshing look of our website. At INSZoom, we consistently strive to improve the user experience and benefit our customers through our Immigration software. Our new website can be experienced at

“We’re very excited about the new look of the website. The new look of the website is an ongoing effort to continue to Listen and Deliver WOWs to our customers. At INSZoom, we consistently innovate to provide a rich experience to our users, making their lives easy,” said Umesh Vaidyamath, CEO of INSZoom. The new website is designed to provide value through rich content, easy navigation, and a user-friendly experience incorporating latest technology. The look and feel of the website is creative, modern and light.

INSZoom website’s crisp, and refreshing look is inspired by ‘People’. Our customers are smart, driven, and passionate paralegals, attorneys, assistants, immigration and global mobility professionals who have inspired us to come up with this new look. For over decades, our dedication to our customers has kept us going as a market leader in the immigration space. We have made every effort to provide them a great user experience through our website. Every page has been designed with our customers in mind. The content throughout our website has been carefully crafted so our customers can comprehend and navigate each page with ease adding value to their experience.

INSZoom is the technology leader aimed at serving Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, universities, nonprofits and hospitals. Our immigration solutions help our customers manage immigration cases and processes with ease. Come and explore at To know more about INSZoom Immigration solutions contact us at sales@localhost or 925-244-0600 option 1.

We couldn’t keep this under wraps any longer – we’ve just launched the INSZoom Canada edition for the Canadian immigration landscape. A comprehensive immigration case and compliance management software for immigration law firms, corporations, MNCs, non-profits, immigration attorneys, global mobility professionals, regulated Canadian immigration consultants and human resource professionals, making immigration processes efficient, productive and profitable.

According to a U.S. study, Canada was ranked to be the second-best country worldwide, to live as an immigrant. The recent unpredictable changes in the U.S. immigration policies have made Canada the frontrunner with its pro-immigration policies, making it a popular hub to attract international tech talent. A reputation of welcoming immigrants, Scandinavian countries are looking to Canada as a thought leader in immigration and integration policies. With an increased influx of immigrants, having Canada-specific immigration solutions is critical more than ever before to make Canadian immigration processes seamless, efficient and profitable. That’s exactly what the INSZoom Canada edition provides where you can:

Capture an applicant’s data on smart questionnaires. An efficient way of collecting, curating and capturing information from an applicant with a pre-defined document checklist;

Auto-populate data on all barcode forms;

E-Filing solutions for online application processes such as Express Entry;

Gain deeper insights into your immigration data with Zoom Ad Hoc Reports having robust reporting capabilities; and

Have your clients check their immigration statuses with online self-service portals like Foreign National Portal (FNP) and Human Resources Portal (HRP).

This is just the beginning. INSZoom prides itself in updating forms within 72 hours of official release and with a Canadian data center, an applicant’s information stays within Canadian borders.

We’re excited to give immigration professionals in Canada, the power to manage their immigration processes with a comprehensive immigration case management software that will increase efficiency, foster transparency, grow their business and elevate productivity in the entire process.

See the features and the INSZoom Canada edition for yourself at the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Immigration Law Conference on April 19-21, in Ottawa, ON. We’ll be there!

If you have any questions, you can simply email us at sales@localhost or call 925-244-0600 x 1. This will put you right in touch with our around-INSZoom-Canada, around-the-clock team!

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