Picture this –

  • You have been communicating with your client on emails on case-specific issues.
  • After a fortnight, you decide to work on the case in INSZoom, your immigration case management software.
  • To get access to a piece of information, you have to go back to your email box.
  • Get that information and log into your INSZoom application to resume working on the case.
  • Then go back to your email to communicate to the client etc.


That’s a lot of navigation in and out of INSZoom, searching and looking through tons of messages in your email box and what if an email slips through the crack? Oops, you definitely don’t want that!

All your client email communications can be brought together in one centralized location with INSZoom’s Email Sync. Yes, you heard that right! INSZoom- the leading immigration case management software has the capabilities to solve your day-to-day challenges and here’s how:

  1. Challenge: Each time you send or receive an email pertaining to a client’s case, you exit the INSZoom application and check for those emails in your private inbox.
  2. Solution: You don’t need to do that anymore! The Email Sync brings all your client communications in one place within INSZoom.

  3. Challenge: The devil in the details. Yes, details are so important and this may lead to many questions from clients and answers from you over emails. There might be a possibility that an email slips through the crack.
  4. Solution: You can’t miss an email here, because they get synced with a respective case automatically. More visibility for you with all emails getting captured in just one location.

  5. Challenge: While shuffling between multiple messages in your email box for a case, the security quotient is at its minimum.
  6. Solution: Just one login for your INSZoom and the same login to access email communications, keeping the security quotient at the maximum. You’re all set!

  7. Challenge: With email communications saved only in your email inbox, what happens when you’re out sick? Or you’re on a vacation? And the client needs an urgent response?
  8. Solution: Email Sync to your rescue! Client email communications are captured within INSZoom so your colleagues can access and view the communications history with a time and date stamp.

Add value to your INSZoom practice with this vital tool and take your immigration case management to the next level. Connect with us here and we’ll show you how to sign up!

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