Capture Foreign National Data with INSZoom Questionnaires To Improve Efficiency

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: February 23, 2016

Welcome back! Thanks for following along and educating yourself on how you can improve efficiency at your firm. The next blog in the series of Customizing Your Case Management System to Improve Efficiency is going to be on capturing data through the use of questionnaires. In my last blog we discussed the importance and benefits of using the INSZoom HR Portal to help improve efficiency within your firm. This blog is going to show you how sending questionnaires to your foreign nationals to capture data can greatly improve your efficiency and cut down on the time spent doing manual data entry in the foreign national immigration process.

Questionnaires are an excellent tool to use to capture data from your foreign nationals. Depending on the edition of INSZoom that you are using, you can either use the INSZoom created questionnaires that match the corresponding government forms, or you can create your own. We have an entire team of people who ensure that the INSZoom created questionnaires that are available to you match the government issued forms. If you have specific data that you wish to capture then you can create your own questionnaires.

To get started using the questionnaires you will want to link the questionnaire to the petition at the case level. You simply find the one that corresponds to the government form or the petition that you are filing and link it to the case. You can link more than one at a time and send them all to your foreign national at the same time by using the email feature.

To email the questionnaires to your foreign nationals you draft the email within INSZoom and choose which questionnaires you wish to send out. Once sent, the foreign national clicks on the link and accesses the data by inputting an Access Code and then they can view the questionnaires you have sent to them for completion. The process of completing the questionnaires is very easy for the foreign national. The information, once added by them, is automatically updated in your database so you don’t need to manually enter the data. The information also will appear on the other questionnaires so they truly only need to add the data one time. As they work through the questionnaires they just add in the data specific to that questionnaire. Once they finish they can click on “Verify and Inform Case Manager” and an email will get sent to you notifying you that they completed the questionnaire.

Case Managers always have access to the questionnaires and they can update the information, add information and view the status of the questionnaire. If the foreign national has accessed it and/or completed the questionnaires the status gets updated automatically. There is no need to email your foreign national to see if they have completed them but following up and chasing them is up to you!

Utilizing questionnaires to capture data will greatly improve your efficiency and productivity. The foreign national is adding the data to your database so there is no need to retype the information or add information to the forms!

If you are a busy law firm or corporation and you struggle to find time to get everything done then look into using INSZoom’s questionnaires. For our next blog we will cover how using the forms within INSZoom can help you to improve efficiency and streamline processes at your organization.

If you would like more information on using questionnaires please reach out to me, Christen Gause, for more information. I am happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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