Immigration Case Management Software for Canadian Law Firms

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When you simplify the immigration application process with a Comprehensive Immigration Case Management and Compliance Management solution, you take the stress out of your day. With Specialized support for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) forms for Federal, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) including Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and other provinces and its supporting questionnaires, you can handle more cases in less time and with greater accuracy.

INSZoom immigration software is specially designed for immigration legal professionals and lawyers, and global mobility specialists.

Key Features

• Collecting, curating, and capturing applicants’ data using smart questionnaires
• Auto-populate data on immigration forms including all barcoded forms
• Forms updated within 72 hours of official release
• Customizable questionnaires with built-in language translation tool

• Knowledge base with end-to-end application process templates
• Safely and securely upload and store client documents utilizing INSZoom’s Digital Document Storage.

• Manage and monitor application steps
• Be proactive with alerts and reminders for expiration dates, deadlines
• Built-in document checklist,  letter templates, and email templates


• Optimize productivity and increase efficiency
• Improve predictability of process management
• Reduce cycle time and costs for case management
• Customizable templates get you started on the automation path

• INSZoom Canada editions utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canadian data center. This gives our Canadian customers more flexibility and ability to run workloads and store data efficiently in Canada and throughout North America
• Our Canadian data center supports Hardware Firewall, Software Firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems, Antivirus Software, Operating System Security, INSZoom Application Security, INSZoom Database Security, and 256-bit Encryption/Decryption
• We serve our Canadian customer needs regarding data sovereignty laws when accessing user data and storage within its borders

• Collect prospect and client information online and integrate directly with your case management system
• Create and store retain agreements making sign up more efficient
• Create and distribute invoices to clients

• Create and distribute invoices
• Define fee structures
• Create, track and maintain payment plans
• Generate invoices quickly and ensure you never miss billing an applicant
• Accept online payments (one-time or recurring) via credit/debit cards

• Self service portals for sharing of documents, monitor and track activity on cases and receive updates on status
• Email predefined alerts and reminders for case milestones Contact clients manually or set up automated emails
• Send mass communications to prospects or existing clients about important and changing immigration regulations and other relevant information
• Organize and maintain a current contact information for your colleagues, partners, clients, vendors and other contacts in one place

  • Integrate with Outlook and receive alerts for court dates, meetings, appointments, case alerts, expirations, milestones, and more directly in Outlook
  • Track status of shipments with FedEx, USPS, DHL and others
  • Communicate with all your clients – current and prospective – through one easy-to-use application
  • INSZoom-DocuSign integration enables all stakeholders securely eSign documents, retainer agreements etc.

• Generate expiration reports to track status of cases and potential new opportunities
• Utilize our expansive set of built-in reports for reporting of case status, management, expiration and more
• Create custom reports in moments with our ad-hoc reporting function
• Business Intelligence (BI) reports to analyze and plan Global Mobility requirements

• Never miss a deadline again with intuitive, and flexible INSZoom To Do module for comprehensive task management
• Manage all the tasks in one place, prioritize critical tasks, and save time and efforts minimizing the hassles of communication

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