The Easiest and fastest way to manage Canadian Immigration applications and work permits!


Empowering Canadian Immigration professionals with INSZoom Case Management software!


Simplify your immigration application process with a comprehensive immigration case management and compliance management software. INSZoom cloud-based software is specially designed for Canadian immigration lawyers and immigration consultants.

Here’s how INSZoom helps you improve efficiency and productivity while staying compliant:

  • 1. Comprehensive immigration case management:

    INSZoom makes your life easy by automating end-to-end immigration case management.

  • 2. Auto-populating data on Immigration forms:

    INSZoom’ s unique technology auto-populates applicants’ data on all immigration forms. It does all the hard work saving your precious time typing repetitive info.

  • 3. Updated government immigration forms:

    With changes in government immigration forms, INSZoom makes sure you have updated forms within 72 hours of official release.

  • 4. Complete library of Canadian immigration forms:

    INSZoom provides Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) forms for Federal and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

  • 5. Collaborate faster and on time:

    Eliminate the mundane tasks of capturing clients’ information using ‘Smart’ questionnaires.

  • 6. Keeping your data private and secure:

    We make sure your data is secure and within Canadian borders. We utilize AWS data center for our Canadian clients.

  • 7. Get more business:

    While you save all your time automating the workflows and processes with INSZoom, you can spend more time with your clients and generate more business.



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