Do you get paid on time for all your immigration cases?


Configure INSZoom Billing to make sure you get paid on time and no case goes unbilled!


We’ll work with you to understand your requirements and configure the module based on your needs. It doesn’t end here; we’ll also teach you how to use the configuration to maximize profits. INSZoom will also provide you with a reference guide that you can always go back to when you witness a roadblock.


INSZoom Billing is one of a kind. It’s the only invoicing tool created specifically for immigration workflows. Built with immigration practices in mind, INSZoom Billing allows you to send invoices and reminders directly from the application. You can link cases and timers, create custom payment plans and track and manage your receivables.

Want INSZoom Billing to run parallel with your immigration and accounting workflows? Let’s get INSZoom Billing configured to your workflows. This configuration is just five form fields away!

Link Any Case to an Invoice

INSZoom Billing allows you to link any case with an invoice. You can even customize the invoice template based on your immigration needs.

Calculate Hours Spent with a Client

INSZoom Billing gives you “case timers.” With these case timers, you can calculate exactly the hours spent on a client’s case. It further gives you the ability to invoice them automatically for those hours.

Create/Customize Payment Plans

With INSZoom Billing you can customize payment plans for your clients. This is all about convenience to your awesome clients.

Email Invoices and Reminders

INSZoom Billing gives you the ability to email invoices to your clients. Your clients also receive notifications/alerts as reminders on payment due dates and overdue payments.

Create an Invoice Template Per Client and/or Case Type

We understand that every case is different and not every client would prefer a “one-size-fits-all” payment plan. INSZoom Billing gives you the luxury of creating invoice templates different for each client and/or case type.

Still have questions? We would love to discuss your business requirements and provide a solution that works.

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