Avoid malpractice claims by getting organized [VIDEO]

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: October 17, 2014


Did you know that a significant percentage of malpractice claims arise because of calendaring mistakes and attorneys failing to know deadlines?

Seemingly simple errors such as forgetting to write down the next court date can cost your client their case, and in the world of immigration, this can mean they lose the ability to work and live where they need to. You could also be liable for a malpractice claim and damages.

You can greatly reduce the chance of these mistakes by working with a comprehensive immigration software program that helps you to manage your caseload and calendar.

INSZoom, for example, integrates with Outlook email and calendar so you never have to worry that you wrote a date down in one place but not the other. The program can also be set to send out alerts and notifications so you don’t forget when a deadline is approaching.

Check back for more information on how INSZoom can help you manage your immigration cases.

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