Automate Your H-1B registration Process With Zoomee, INSZoom’s Virtual Assistant, Powered by AI, ML and RPA

Posted by: Umesh Vaidyamath | Date: March 9, 2020

H-1B registration has been the talk of the town over the past few months. First we weren’t sure if it was actually going to happen. Then when USCIS announced it was happening, we weren’t sure when and how. Shortly thereafter USCIS answered those questions too, sending immigration law firms and employers around the country scrambling to learn as much as they could about the process and figure out how the registration portal was going to work.

On Sunday, March 1, 2020 H-1B registration opened. Some lawyers experienced glitches and hiccups while others had a smooth experience. But at the end of the day, H-1B registration became yet another step in the H-1B process. It’s also not the most efficient – there’s double data entry, system errors, etc. – and while not that much information is needed to complete an H-1B registration, it’s repetitive and, if volumes are high, time-consuming.

As soon as the registration instructions were published, however, automation was on our minds. INSZoom has been pioneering immigration case management and other software since 1999, and with this large process change, we knew we had to take action.

The INSZoom team got together to brainstorm automation. There had to be a way to make it happen, right? But how?

Turns out the answers were looking right at us. Figuratively look at us, but in some ways literally as well. That’s because the answer was INSZoom’s first-ever bot, the Zoomee virtual assistant

What is Zoomee again?

Zoomee is an intelligent process automation bot for immigration teams – it’s the immigration industry’s very first virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, Zoomee can take care of tedious administrative processes that are often done by overworked paralegals or legal assistants. A few examples include reading USCIS receipt notices and other paper documents through optical character recognition, automatically updating corresponding foreign national (FN) cases in INSZoom, bulk case creation and more.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Zoomee learns too. So the more tasks Zoomee completes, the more it knows its user’s processes and preferences and therefore gets more and more efficient as time goes on.

So when the H-1B registration system was announced, we knew there was a way to create automation around it, and we knew Zoomee was perfect for the job.

Zoomee (Skill #2) automates the H-1B registration process?

If you’re handling the H-1B registration process, whether you’re an immigration law firm or in-house immigration team, Zoomee can help, particularly if you have a high volume of registrations.

How does it work? It breaks down into four basic steps:

  1. Zoomee receives your data in a standardized Excel format – we provide the format, you populate the data.
  2. Zoomee then updates the data in INSZoom, namely by:
  3. a) Creating a corporation and entering relevant petitioner information if it’s not in the INSZoom system already, and

    b) Creating the FN record under the corporation’s profile and entering relevant FN data.

  4. Zoomee then logs in to myUSCIS. Zoomee does need a bit of your help here to complete multi-factor authentication for the first login attempt, so be sure that a lawyer or case manager will be available if there are login issues.
  5. Zoomee then follows the registration process, creates profiles for your FN registrants and enters the data you gave it.

Once all the FN profiles are created and the initial data is entered, you complete the registration and submit it.

By using Zoomee to create FN registration profiles and fill in crucial data, you can be certain that the data was entered correctly, that nothing was missed, and that all fields are included. Imagine the alternative, particularly in a high-volume situation – you or your staff are creating dozens if not hundreds of registrations in myUSCIS, so you need to be efficient somehow. One way is by using copy & paste to avoid typing in the same text over and over, but pasting the wrong information can be an H-1B death sentence.

There could be lots of other mistakes, such as typos or skipping an important field altogether.

So why risk it?

The H-1B registration system is new, requires double-data entry and most importantly takes time. But it’s the only way to get into the H-1B lottery. Given the importance, shouldn’t you do whatever you can to minimize the risk of error?

Because at the end of the day, automation helps avoid error, promote efficiency, and increase speed. That’s right – INSZoom’s Zoomee is here to the rescue.

Want to learn more about Zoomee? Visit the Zoomee information page at or reach out to your INSZoom representative at sales@localhost.

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