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Attorneys should invest in a password management program [VIDEO]

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: October 29, 2014


Inadvertently creating weak passwords or reusing old ones are easy but dangerous pitfalls for attorneys to fall into. The very first step to data security for documents, files, emails, online portals and more, is a strong password.

All attorneys should follow a few simple rules, such as making sure each password has at least six characters, including a combination of both capitalized and lowercase letters as well as numbers. Additionally, the same password should never be used for more than one site.

However, keeping track of multiple unique passwords can be difficult. To ease the burden, Inside Counsel recommends attorneys invest in a password management program,

These programs allow professionals to store passwords for various sites in one place. Then they only need to remember one master password to access them. These programs are safer than storing passwords in individual sites, on a desktop or on paper. They also save attorneys time, increase the efficiency of their office and strengthen information security.

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