Are you taking advantage of email marketing? Part 2

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: May 1, 2015

Email marketing is an excellent promotional strategy for law firms, but they need to have a strong understanding of the current best practices. The first part of this series covered email return on investment, the importance of subscriptions and segmentation and targeting. However, there is a lot more to know about successful email campaigns to drive results. Here are some tips to craft compelling email messages:

Be concise

Keep messages shorter for higher levels of engagement with clients. In addition, every email should have a single purpose. It may be tempting for firms to include a large amount of information in one message with the thought that it’s better to convey everything at once. However, prospects may immediately delete the message after opening it and seeing a huge block of text. Sticking with one takeaway and a clear call to action in each email gives clients a way to interact with law firms, according to the National Law Review. Newsletter formats can still work for a law firm’s audience, but it may be better to link to articles rather than include the full text.

The rule of being concise applies to creating a subject line section and a body section with unique headings. Shorter phrases grab prospects’ attention, but they do not need to be overly creative. Headlines that get to the point lead to a higher open rate. It’s important not to write in all caps or use multiple exclamations because this can cause emails to be sent to the spam folder. With INSZoom, firms can generate bulletins and relevant messages to avoid overloading one message with too much content.

As mobile email becomes more popular, it’s important to consider the formatting of the CTA button. Links are hard to click with a fingertip, so buttons may be a better choice.Call to action Calls to action inform readers of the next step they should take. For example, if firms want them to fill out a form on the website or contact an attorney for more information, this needs to be made explicit. Use a contrasting button or bold link to draw readers’ attention.

Mobile emails

A firm’s best hope of reaching a busy individual may be through clients’ mobile devices. In fact, a study from Yesmail found 40 percent of all email opens come from smartphones and tablets, which was a 10 percent year-over-year increase. Mobile clicks have grown every year, so this trend will be important for all email marketers.

If a law firm’s clients spend a great deal of time on the go, emails need to be optimized for mobile. Recipients shouldn’t have to zoom in or scroll sideways to read the message. Additionally, too many images can slow down the loading speed on a mobile device.

Mobile email is taking off.
Use INSZoom to connect with clients

Email is a valuable tool to continue client relationships, even during the slow parts of immigration cases. INSZoom makes it easy to communicate with clients. Lawyers can send predetermined alerts and reminders for case milestones, meetings and compliance requirements. These alerts make it simpler to keep clients in the loop and prevent missed deadlines. Attorneys can send manual or automated emails for expiration dates, compliance requirements and meeting reminders.

In addition, immigration law firms can use the broadcast message feature to send mass communications to clients about major news, changes in immigration regulations or changes at the firm. When the list is segmented between prospective and current clients, it’s easy to target each group with the right content.

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