Are you getting paid on time for your immigration cases?

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: July 28, 2017

When you have a bad toothache, you make an appointment to see your dentist and not your family general physician. Similarly, why would you choose INSZoom Billing and not the many billing and invoicing tools out there? Because, just how a dentist specializes with conditions of the teeth, INSZoom Billing is created specifically for immigration workflows!

It’s an important decision when you decide on an immigration practice management software. When you’re at it, you look at many aspects like customer service, immigration case management software reviews, ease of use, training, accuracy etc. You put in a lot of efforts and sweat in every immigration case you work on, making it equally important to look at the billing capabilities of an immigration case management software.

INSZoom Billing is one of a kind and can run parallel with your immigration and accounting workflows. What makes it one of a kind? Let’s discover!

  • Cases and invoices go together.
  • It can be a cumbersome process to bill separately without any reference. INSZoom Billing allows you to link any case with an invoice. You can even customize the invoice template based on your immigration needs.

  • Your time is valuable (and billable)!
  • An ample amount of your time, effort and sweat goes into creating an immigration case. This tool ensures that nothing goes unbilled. INSZoom Billing gives you ‘case timers.’ They let you calculate exactly the hours spent on a client’s case. That’s not it, it also lets you invoice them automatically for those hours.

  • Convenience for your clients.
  • Here’s a way to create convenience for your awesome clients. With INSZoom Billing you can customize payment plans for your clients. This is about establishing a payment plan that works for you and them.

  • Reminders matter!
  • We all forget things sometimes and there is always a possibility of missing important things. But, reminders are here to save the day! INSZoom Billing gives you the ability to email invoices to your clients and they also receive notifications/alerts on payment due dates and overdue payments.

  • Not one-size-fits-all.
  • We understand that every case is different and not every client would prefer a “one-size-fits-all” payment plan. INSZoom Billing gives you the luxury of creating invoice templates different for each client and/or case type.

    Built with immigration practices in mind, INSZoom Billing allows you to send invoices and reminders directly from INSZoom immigration practice management software. Track and manage your receivables like a PRO and contact our sales team by email: sales@localhost, by phone: 925-244-0600 x 1 or request a demo here.

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