Announcing INSZoom’s new logo and here’s how we did it!

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: September 14, 2017

The ideation of INSZoom’s new logo started in a parking lot…

Yes, seriously, you heard that right – it started in a parking lot! After 17 years, INSZoom is all set to embrace a completely new brand logo.

The seed of logo design was planted by our very own Zoomers- Sudhanva Kotabagi and Aruna Perumal, from the Bengaluru office, as they were working on an upcoming product. They wanted a new logo for the upcoming product. Umesh Vaidyamath, CEO & Founder of, Inc. wanted a logo that not only represents our current product but also all the products and services that INSZoom builds in the future. He was looking at a logo design that represented immigration, where people travel to different countries and back, across the globe.

Umesh met with Designer — Andrey Retinskiy, in the parking lot and laid out his vision of the logo on a piece of paper. The journey of the new logo started from this point onward. Our design goal was to match how we look to our values, the users and industry we serve.

After innumerable conversations, brainstorming sessions, sketches and mock trials, the designer worked to find something that appeared more approachable, smart, connected and represented Umesh’s vision for the company perfectly.


Talking about the color, compared with the earlier blue, the brighter blue is cool and refreshing.


Since our founding in 1999, INSZoom has become the largest immigration case management and compliance software. We wanted our logo to resonate with the domain we’ve been serving since 1999.


We really hope you like this new look and feel for INSZoom! The thought and work behind this logo is an interesting story. Check out the logo story, as we unravel the tale behind the new INSZoom logo:

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