And the winner of the INSZoom AILA 2018 raffle is…

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: July 5, 2018

Special congratulations to Lisa D. Ramirez, Partner, U.S. Immigration Law Group, the winner of the latest iPad for our ‘INSZoom AILA 2018 Raffle’ contest! We want to also send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our raffle, took the time to drop their business cards at our booth and helped make it a success!

A little introduction about Lisa Ramirez – Lisa and her team have been loyal INSZoom users since 2005. She was pleasantly surprised and expressed her excitement on being the lucky raffle winner with the words below:

“I was pleasantly surprised and grateful to have won the iPad from the drawing at the 2018 AILA conference in San Francisco. It was great to speak with the INSZoom staff and developers at the conference about their future plans and this now is icing on the cake. I have been a customer of INSZoom for many years and am grateful for their service and prompt attention. I look forward to downloading their app on the iPad as soon as it is released. Thank you INSZoom!”

Congratulations Lisa!

If you didn’t make it to this year’s INSZoom AILA raffle, don’t worry! We have the special INSZoom raffle for AILA each year and we hope that next time you’re the lucky winner. To know more about INSZoom, please visit: Inszoom

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