At INSZoom, we eat, sleep and breathe the design and development of “all things immigration case management” to give you a competitive edge in your market. We’ve been at the forefront of immigration technology since 1999 and continue to deliver innovative solutions and award-winning 24/7 customer service to all types of users – from Fortune 500 corporations, major universities and healthcare organizations to immigration practices of all sizes in the US, Canada and other countries.


Vision Statement

Provide borderless opportunities to people around the world


Mission Statement

At INSZoom, we support this vision by providing our customers – of all sizes – with a platform that simplifies the challenges of global immigration and compliance.


Policy Statement – Integrated Management System

“We, at INSZoom, are committed to Implementation of Integrated Management Systems and ensuring to secure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, Information Assets and Customer Information. Delight the customer/client by providing high quality products/services & Technology in timely manner and striving continual improvement to attain excellence by customer feedback”

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