5 Ways to Increase Efficiency for Immigration Law Firms

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: March 1, 2019

Immigration law has the power to change people’s lives and running an immigration law firm means dealing with hundreds of cases each month based on employment and family-based immigration. Immigration case processing has been transformed over the last couple of years by leveraging technology on both the case management and compliance fronts.

Over the years, an immigration software like INSZoom, has helped to automate the entire case processing experience leaving immigration law firms with time to do the work that really matters and not worry about the processes.

Using immigration technology, the right way, will elevate the productivity and efficiency of a law firm. Here’s how:

Giving your clients a collaborative & secure case processing experience

The primary benefit of an immigration software like INSZoom is that it creates an environment among all case-stakeholders, that is private, secure and collaborative. One platform that makes communications open, transparent, clear and immediate. With INSZoom personal logins, clients can access information on their cases, learn about an estimated timeline of events and know exactly where they are in the multi-step process.

Send questionnaires to your clients for data capturing

Questionnaires are an excellent tool to use to capture data from your foreign nationals. You can either use the INSZoom created questionnaires that match the corresponding government forms, or you can create your own. INSZoom questionnaires are available to law firms like you, and they match government issued forms in order to eliminate the hassle of the data-collection and data-entry.

Email templates for the win!

Email templates are my most favorite thing to use in INSZoom. They are easy to create and there seems to be no end in how they can be used. We all communicate with our clients through emails but and with immigration there are many emails that get sent out to clients at certain milestones in the process. There is always a handful of emails that get sent out to clients and nobody wants to reinvent the wheel so they copy and paste from Word to Outlook.

Building email templates in INSZoom ensures that everyone in the office can use them. Create email templates for all to use and if the template is updated, everyone is using the most recent version. Keywords, when used in email templates, automatically populate the Foreign Nationals details into the email. With the click of a button you can draft an intro email to your client.

Case steps to the finish line!

Case steps give you the ability to mirror your internal processes and how you process cases. It lets you capture key dates (case initiated/documents received/application filed/application approved, etc.…) and create events which ensures no important deadlines are missed. It further ensures. accountability within your team as you capture key dates when case steps are marked as completed.

Process cases with updated immigration forms

Immigration is an ever-changing domain with rules and regulations that lead to form changes. Keeping up with the form changes and replacing the most current forms for your client’s cases can be a tedious process. An immigration software like INSZoom does this for you. We have a Forms team that is dedicated to keep up with immigration form changes and we take pride in offering the most updated forms within just 48-hour of official release. This eliminates the worry about filing outdated version of forms to government organizations.

These were the five major ways to increase efficiency and productivity for your law firm. Days get extremely busy and immigration attorneys and case managers are responsible for complicated tasks for many clients at once. Leave your case processing worries to us. If you need more information, please reach out to sales@localhost or request a demo here.

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