Why INSZoom Certification is valuable to Lawyers, Paralegals and End Clients

Posted by: Umesh Vaidyamath | Date: February 21, 2020

When companies invest in enterprise-level software such as case management, the value they get out of that software is directly proportional to how well they know it. Typically, well-trained staff who know how to use software without making mistakes, how to find information quickly and perhaps even know some shortcuts are the go-to “super-users” at organizations.

Take Microsoft Excel. Most people have used it one way or another, yet there’s a big difference between, say, knowing how to make a simple list or chart and knowing how to perform complex calculations, create pivot tables and program macros. Given Excel’s wide range of capabilities, how well someone “knows” the platform can be the difference between a project taking hours with lots of mistakes and taking minutes with automated workflows and flawless execution. And when you boil it down to its core, this can mean the difference between, say, providing good client service and upsetting or even losing a client.

That’s why Microsoft, along with many other software companies, have certification programs that officially train, test and certify users, ensuring that these users learn how to use the software correctly and proficiently.

So we’re excited to announce INSZoom’s very first certification program!

After talking to many of our clients, we realized that creating a certification program would bring tremendous value to three specific groups: lawyers, paralegals and end clients, all of whom interact with INSZoom one way or another. Here’s the value an INSZoom certification will bring to each of these groups.

How is INSZoom certification valuable for lawyers?

When lawyers hire paralegals or even attorneys, one important skill they look for is whether they know how to use case management software. For law firms that use INSZoom, it’s important that their hires are well-versed in INSZoom as well, especially for more senior roles.

Talking to law firms, however, we’ve learned that even though candidates may say they know how to use a certain platform, how well they know it ends up being the determining factor. Indeed, some candidates stretch the truth in terms of their INSZoom proficiency. Others do in fact know the software but use it incorrectly or inefficiently. All of this ends up costing lawyers time and money, whether around further training new hires that ultimately are not as proficient as needed, or via turnover if someone is hired to hit the ground running and they simply can’t.

With an INSZoom certification, that all changes. If a candidate is a certified INSZoom user, that certification shows an objective level of proficiency with and knowledge of the platform. Rather than hoping a candidate’s self-evaluation of their knowledge of INSZoom is aligned with what the hiring attorney is looking for, certification creates built-in confidence in the candidate’s skill level and ultimately their success at the firm.

How is INSZoom certification valuable for paralegals?

On the flip side, paralegals can benefit from INSZoom certification in various ways as well. When looking for a job, if a candidate can point to a certification showing their proficiency in relevant industry software, it makes that candidate much more valuable and ultimately more hireable.

We’ve spoken to numerous lawyers who have been burned by candidates promising they’re INSZoom experts while actually barely knowing the software. With an INSZoom certification, it takes the guesswork out of whether a paralegal candidate knows the software and can use it effectively. So when a paralegal is on the market for a new job, having certification makes hiring attorneys more confident in their skill, and in turn makes them more hireable and able to demand a higher salary.

And if a paralegal isn’t looking for a job, they can still leverage this certification internally. Asking for a raise or promotion, or maybe stepping into a management role training other employees on INSZoom, may be more likely with official INSZoom certification.

How is INSZoom certification valuable for end clients?

Finally, having well-trained staff ultimately trickles down to better client service. As we spoke about in this article –  Reimagining Law Firm Customer Support with INSZoom Certification about law firm customer support, being able to easily and correctly answer a client’s question can be the difference between mediocre-to- good customer service and great customer service.

Particularly in a high-volume practice with hundreds of clients in and out of the immigration process at any given time, it’s nearly impossible to have each client’s lawyer answer every question they have. Yes, some questions are technical or legal in nature and require setting aside some lawyer time. But very often, clients call to ask about whether something was filed or not, when it was filed, the status of their case, and so on. These are more administrative questions, and if the answers can be found within INSZoom, training staff on how to use the system will enable them to easily locate the right answer and complete the client’s request.

So when a client calls in and reaches an administrative assistant or dedicated customer service representative, if those employees are trained in INSZoom, they can answer client questions quickly and correctly, thereby ensuring that lawyers, paralegals and other staff can concentrate on their case work while clients are left happy and satisfied.

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