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INSZoom helps us to exceed client expectations

New Era Immigration specializes exclusively in business immigration law serving a primarily US and Canadian client base. The law firm serves multi-national businesses of all sizes as well as globally integrated companies by assisting them with the mobility of their executives, skilled workers, and expatriate managers. Our firm prides itself on a unique quality service model that ensures that solid strategies and long-term solutions are the cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Whether the client is a sole proprietor, a group of individual entrepreneurs, or a globally integrated enterprise, we take on the role of immigration strategists and not simply legal counsel. We also understand that our clients engage in cross-border business to increase revenue, and therefore our role is to contribute to their success and growth.

To foster the creation of viable and solid strategies, we strive to nurture our expertise, always hone our legal skills, and utilize professional tools customized for our industry. INSZoom is one of those valuable tools we believe are essential for practicing immigration law. We use it to manage deadlines, visa renewals and expirations, and alerts pertaining to existing clients. Our law firm offers services that rely like any other business on repeat clients. INSZoom helps us to exceed client expectations and allows us to go the extra mile when we issue a client a courtesy reminder about a prospective visa renewal or expiration.

We began using INSZoom immediately upon starting our business immigration law firm with only three employees back in February 2012, and it was truly instrumental in helping us streamline our file management system, while maintaining compliance with the requirements as laid out by the Bar of Quebec. Our firm has grown to ten employees and now, more than ever, we rely on INSZoom to keep our growing internal records organized. Moreover, it reinforces our responsiveness and reliability – two indispensable elements in the business world which serve to satisfy our clientele.

Thanks to everybody at INSZoom for an excellent product and the unparalleled service that comes with it.

Anna Di Stasio

New Era Immigration

INSZoom – Truly The Technology Partner

Our firm has used INSZoom’s technology services since 2007 and, in that time, we’ve always been impressed with the company’s commitment to provide the best possible customer support to our staff.

Robert L. Reeves
Reeves & Associates

INSZoom – A Great Tool, Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

As a company that embraces a “follow the sun” methodology, our employees and clients need access anytime and from anywhere. INSZoom helps us deliver top-notch concierge level services on a daily basis

Andrea Elliott

INSZoom – Great Customer Service, Reliable & Indispensable

We have relied on INSZoom for case management, billing and calendaring for over 10 years. They are reliable and indispensible. Their helpful and prompt staff are always there to guide us through any issue.

Cyrus Mehta
Cyrus D. Mehta & Associates, PLLC

INSZoom – Customizable, Very Helpful, Superb Support

Now that we’ve started INSZoom we don’t know how we functioned without it! INSZoom has been great and has worked with us to make changes based on customer support. I highly recommend this product for any size immigration office.

Concepción de Montagut
Montagut and Sobral, PC

INSZoom – Partner for my Start Up & Growth

I first started using INSZoom after starting our firm’s immigration practice in 2004. INSZoom was key to transitioning into my own firm two years ago. Not only did I continue with INSZoom’s case management software, I also partnered with them to launch my new firm’s website, which consistently gets ranked high in Google and other search engines.

F. Snyder Gokey
Gokey Immigration Law Office

Very efficient, yet cost effective

My law firm started using INSZoom in 2000. I was looking for a program to help me organize my files and cases efficiently. I found INSZoom’s software quite reasonable, very comprehensive and less expensive than other products on the market. I recommend this product to my fellow attorneys.

Paddy Sharma
Chandler B. Sharma & Associates, P.C.

INSZoom is even there for you on weekends when you’re on deadline

Spoke to support staff. Love the great service at INSZoom.

Greg L. Berk
Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger LLP

This is the best deal on the market

When I started my practice, I was not really sure what software I wanted. I was only shopping around to see what the best deal was and how would it really help me in my business. When I contacted INSZoom, I realized they were most willing to assist me in my specific needs. I am glad I chose INSZoom. For someone who is starting their own practice, it is really a place you can grow with.

Vanesa I. Pagan
Vanesa I. Pagán Law PLLC

We thank you for your support

At Gokare Law Firm, we have been using INSZoom since 2010 and have been extremely satisfied with your product and the value it adds to our practice. In our view, INSZoom has distinguished itself from its competitors by the quality and consistency of its customer care. On Zoom tickets, we are assured that someone will call us back promptly, within a few minutes, and they will always help us find a solution for our issue. There are not very many companies around that take their customer service mission as seriously. We thank you for your support.

Manjunath A. Gokare, Esq.
Gokare Law Firm

The best customer service I could find

We have used INSZoom for four years now and I can tell that INSZoom has much more than any other case management software on the market. It is user friendly and nobody can compete with INSZoom’s customer service. Any time you have a problem and open a ticket, within five minutes at most, someone will solve your problem.

Nash Fayad
Fayad Law, P.C.

I love the functionality

INSZoom is a great system that allows you to manage your clients and cases from start to finish. I love the functionality in the product and the case management capabilities. INSZoom provides superb customer service and training. My trainer was very helpful and patient. I recommend this software to any immigration practice, whether big or small.

Omiga C. Cape
Cape Immigration Law Group, PLLC

Impressive upgrade

INSZoom created a stunning website for our business. The website was an impressive upgrade from our previous one. They were flexible about accommodating our many changes, photographs, links, preserving content and other requests. They also added a flash feature making the website standout to new visitors. We have received a great deal of interest and positive feedback about the new website design and features.

Samia Chandraker
Law Office of Samia Chandraker

Updated forms, always

INSZoom helps my office become more efficient as well as allows clients to receive updated information on the status of the case. Folks at are friendly, courteous and always willing to help my staff.

Cyrus Mehta
Cyrus D. Mehta & Associates, PLLC

It’s almost as if INSZoom is next door

While INSZoom for the UK environment is a young product, it has shown great potential in assisting our office to manage its files and client needs. The staff and technical team of INSZoom in India have always been very helpful & accommodating and respond very promptly to requests for assistance – it’s almost as if they’re next door.

Catherine Maclay 
Platt & Associates Ltd

Very helpful and responsive

I am very impressed with the service and support that I received from INSZoom while building my website. Their staff was very helpful and responsive, and I also find some of their website templates beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody who wants an Immigration website.

Karlene Punancy
Punancy and Cosentino, P.A.

Best product in the market

INSZoom is the best product in the market. It has great depth and flexibility, backed by a team of 50 engineers. Full and fast service that becomes a true partner in your business.

Roxana Bacon
Littler Mendelson Bacon & Dear, PLLC

I love their product and services

There are two companies of which I have been a customer for a while and that I love their product and services. One is Rhapsody, where I get all my music. The other is INSZoom.

I love the software and its functionality. But I also love how responsive the customer service people are. You place a ticket and you get an immediate response. Not only that, but you guys are on top of keeping the forms up to date and, as far as I know by hearing users of other software, you put new versions ahead of most. I have never had a bad experience with y’all so I am very, very happy. Your functionality is second to none but you are at a fraction of the cost.

Xergio Chacin
Catholic Charities Fort Worth

I would highly recommend INSZoom to any immigration practice.

I have been utilizing the INSZoom immigration software for the past ten years, when our offices first began using their software. The system itself is very user friendly for our law firm staff and our clientele.  INSZoom also provides a multitude of functional options that can be tailored to suit the needs of both our firm and the varying preferences of each individual client.  The client/foreign national portal feature in particular is an invaluable service providing clients with individual access to upload their documents securely and view their specific case status details as well as their specific document expiration information.

Sue Alexandrowicz

Piston & Carpenter P.C.

INSZoom was there to assist with the entire implementation process

We’ve found the team very responsive and we feel we have our values aligned together where we want to deliver a better quality service to our clients, and they also want to deliver a better quality product, and that’s been a good relationship.

Sebastian Zavala, Chief Program Officer

Catholic Charities of the East Bay

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