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Items Corporations Should Consider When Evaluating a New Immigration Case Management System

posted by: Natalia Burris date: Nov 18, 2015 News comments: Comments Off on Items Corporations Should Consider When Evaluating a New Immigration Case Management System

More technology is available to global mobility teams than ever before. However, decision-makers need to conduct a thorough evaluation of their internal needs and the needs of their employees before selecting a new platform. Most corporations struggle to effectively manage change, but many benefits can be acquired through new technology, such as better employee relations, improved organization and increased efficiency.  All of which have a direct and positive impact on ROI if the right immigration case management system is chosen.  Here are some considerations before adopting a new immigration case management platform:

Ask for input from all levels of the organization It’s important to treat end users as stakeholders in the decision-making process. This helps employees to be more engaged in the transition to new technology. Asking for input helps organizations put together a more complete picture of the technology needed for everyone to be more efficient. Depending on the unique needs and size of the organization, a highly user-friendly platform that is customizable to meet the needs of employees may be the best choice.  It might also be imperative that employees have access to a portal where they can login and check the status of their petition, upload documents and complete questionnaires.

  Understand data security Data breaches are becoming a more significant problem across many industries, and corporations need to take steps to protect their data to avoid a breach of confidentiality with their employees’s data. When moving to a cloud-based platform, corporations need to ensure that they choose a provider who is well versed in data security, someone who knows the specific requirements that attorneys must follow to ensure data security, someone like Many corporations use public Internet, or exchange information via email which increases the risks of security breaches.  Not only do organizations need to choose a secure immigration case management system, their employees are demanding it.  Corporations and employees are demanding proof that their data will be secure along with a solution that allows for documents to be uploaded directly into the database removing any potential security risk of sending documents via email.  When evaluating an immigration case management system ask the potential vendors to provide you with proof that they have taken the necessary steps to ensure data security.  INSZoom is happy to provide any client and potential client with a copy of our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate, Safe Harbor certificate, and our SOC 2 Report.  All of these items are industry standards and are items that any potential immigration case management provider should be able to provide you quickly and without hesitation.  

Identify key areas that need improvement Corporations have multiple goals and must meet the needs of many stakeholders when they adopt new technology, but it’s important to prioritize the top objectives. Are you trying to improve efficiency, streamline processes, enable document collaboration, improve reporting and tracking capabilities, store data in a secure location, have the ability to access the data anywhere, or provide access to your clients through client portals?  INSZoom’s immigration case management software achieves all of these items and more.  

Partner with a vendor Successful technology implementation often hinges on an organizations relationship with its technology vendor. A vendor will be a partner for the long haul, so it’s important to select the right one. Corporations need a platform that can integrate with their pre-existing internal systems so everything is working together in harmony. INSZoom’s immigration case management software allows organizations to streamline workflows and improve collaboration without missing any important case deadlines, plus it offers support through the life of the relationship.  We have dedicated product trainers and product support personnel who will work with you always providing you with the support you need. Your success is important to INSZoom and we will work together to ensure all of your needs are being met.  

Please reach out to us today at to schedule your demo and see how INSZoom can partner with you to provide you with the best in class immigration case management system.

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Intern Blog: My Experience with INSZoom

posted by: Natalia Burris date: Nov 18, 2015 News comments: Comments Off on Intern Blog: My Experience with INSZoom
My name is Prashanth Artal and I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Arizona State University. During the summer of 2015 I was accepted as an Intern as a Software Developer at Inc, I got a chance to work with experienced people within my industry of interest and all of the knowledge and experience gained is now helping me in my academics and studies. I found out and learned that writing meaningful code is more important than just writing a code.  If you are going to take the time to write code, make sure it is meaningful!

For my first two weeks as an intern I was working on performance tuning of stored procedures and later I was put onto a project for “automation of billing services for multiple product lines”. For this project I was directly working with the Vice President of the company.  Having the guidance and mentoring that came from the VP was an opportunity that I will forever be grateful for.  He gave me very good training on design and coding. I worked very hard on this project and I was very pleased that my code was accepted and moved to production (i.e., LIVE!!!). I know that many companies won’t provide the opportunity to allow interns to code let alone won’t push the interns code into production (GO LIVE) but here it happened!!  It is very encouraging to me that my code is still in production and being used by

I am grateful for the opportunity to intern, that I was able to work alongside the Vice President, and that I was able to experience so many things.  Thank you,, Inc, for the opportunity, thank you to the management team and to the technical team for providing me support and guidance.  All of the skills learned will help me in my future endeavors and on my career path.

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Another great AILA event for INSZoom

posted by: INSZoom date: Jun 23, 2015 Blog comments: Comments Off on Another great AILA event for INSZoom
The INSZoom team has returned from yet another successful AILA conference and customer appreciation event!   AILA INSZoomOne of the reasons AILA is such an important event for the INSZoom team is because it gives us an opportunity to get real time feedback from our customers in-person. While introducing new upgrades to our software and workflow features to potential clients is a priority for us, our top priority at AILA is spending time with the law firms and attorneys already using our case management cloud-based software.   We hope everyone who came to our customer appreciation event on Friday at The Tasting Room Wine Bar and Shop had as much fun as we did.   AILA INSZoom Your positive feedback and candor regarding different ways our software can continue to customize to fit the needs of your clients and help you grow your business is instrumental to our product developers and engineers.   Again, thank you to all our customers who we had a chance to spend time with, to everyone who stopped by our booth for demos, and all the new customers we left with. We look forward to fostering these newly formed partnerships and seeing you all at the next AILA event! AILA INSZoom  
  • “The INSZoom team has been my immigration “partner” since the beginning of my immigration practice. The support staff has been amazing by providing service that goes well beyond what is expected. In a crunch, I was able to draft documents to halt the deportation of my client THAT DAY thanks to the ease of document generation and the support from Arun, product support specialist, who guided me in the preparation process. The INSZoom team created my website and provides technical support that I desperately need as a solo practitioner. INSZoom is a reliable partner! Thanks INSZoom family!” – Sharon Cole
  • “I have been using INSZoom since 2011, and it has been such a great tool not only for my firm but for my clients (removals and businesses). I had tried in the past other software and I would extremely recommend INSZoom for your firm.” – Mary Teruya, The Law Office of Mary Teruya
  • “Forsythe Immigration Law Firm relies on INSZoom to deliver efficient and effective service to our clients. We have tried other vendors and have found no other comprehensive solution to better meet our needs.” – Jordan Forsythe, Forsythe Immigration Law Firm
  • “I have been using INSZoom for about 10 years and it is great. It saves time and impresses clients. The tech support is superlative.” – Adam King, Ketchum, Idaho
  • “Pride Immigration Law Firm has been using INSZoom for our corporate and family based work for some time. It is a great tool and the cloud based computing is spot on. I have tried other vendors and INSZoom has been the best so far. Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC has made our practice run a lot more efficiently through efficient workflows. It is no surprise that they are the Form powerhouse.“ – Jon Martin (on behalf of Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC’s use of INSZoom’s workflow system)
  • “We have been using INSZoom for almost 8 years and it makes our large global firm efficient. We are able to process cases quickly and effectively keeping our global clients informed.” – Andrea Elliott, Pro-Link GLOBAL
  • “Our network has been using INSZoom for years. We have appreciated the ability to access our case data from anywhere, including off-site churches where we often meet with clients. The customer support has also been a big help.” – Rob Rutland-Brown, National Justice for Our Neighbors
  • “I started using INSZoom as soon as I started my solo practice and it was the best investment I could have made. The clients loved the ability to just submit their info on-line, and I have immediate access to it. The customer service is professional and very fast. They follow-up to make sure everything works. Thank you.” – Miha Britt, Britt Immigration Law LLC
  • “We started using INZOOM in 2005 after trying various other software. It is by far the best immigration software we have used. Its functionality is unmatched. We also appreciate the prompt service whenever we have questions. “ – Gary Hansen & Company
  • “My firm has been using INSZoom since 2012. We really like it and it is easy to use. We are able to process more cases because it has improved efficiency and saves us time.” – Murthy K. Venkata Ramana, Law Offices of Murthy K. Venkata Ramana P.C.
  • “I like the customer support and they are very helpful at ensuring I understand the system, they update me on the process of tickets that I have raised in a proactive way and it helps me to be more efficient. I like how the billing, forms, and reports are all in one location.” – Jeraline Singh Edwards, Law Offices of Jeraline Singh Edwards
  • “I have used INSZoom for many years now and loved the ease of use and set-up of the system. They constantly update their site and have a very fast response time for questions and issues. Most importantly, their cost per user beats most competitors. Thank you INSZoom for putting out such a great product.” Richard Chang, Wasserman, Mancini & Chang P.C.
  • “INSZoom is a great product because its accessibility. The staff is very helpful and willing to help with any issues. The company stands behind the product, which is great.” – Mandi Bucceroni
  • “INSZoom has helped organize our practice tremendously since we started using it. It is very comprehensive and easy for our entire staff to use, and it allows us to represent our clients effectively and efficiently. “ – Jenny Ansay, Justice for Our Neighbors
  • “INSZoom is a great asset to my practice. Working in the field of global immigration, it is a great “one stop shop” for the information I need to service my clients well. In addition, the support I receive from the INSZoom staff is top notch and they make the process seamless. INSZoom is a cost effective way of tracking client files and it’s very user-friendly.” – Alma Montes de Oca
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Work authorization permits issued in error [Video]

posted by: INSZoom date: Jun 11, 2015 News comments: Comments Off on Work authorization permits issued in error [Video]
Work authorization permits issued in error

Hello, and welcome to INSZoom’s video blog. After a federal court put one of President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration on hold, U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services mistakenly issued approximately 2,000 work authorization permits. These permits would have granted a three-year extension to visa holders, but the court is evaluating whether the injunction should stand.

Although the executive action was temporarily halted in February, USCIS released the permits in error and is working to correct the issue. The Department of Justice aims convert the three-year renewals to two-year terms, which the recipients are eligible for under a 2012 program. 

The DOJ is investigating the cause of the mistake. Although the government announced its plans to begin issuing three-year extensions in November, the DOJ said no applications would be processed until mid-February, which likely contributed to the confusion.

Thanks for watching, and check back with INSZoom for more immigration news. 

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VIDEO: Immigration workflow automation for law firms

posted by: INSZoom date: Jun 02, 2015 Money and time saving tips comments: Comments Off on VIDEO: Immigration workflow automation for law firms
The benefits of automation for law firms
Hello and welcome to INSZoom’s immigration workflow video blog. Immigration law firms typically have their hands full, especially during H-1B season. Automating key processes helps firms save time and money while reaching a new level of efficiency. Although many attorneys realize the benefits of streamlining with immigration workflow automation, they often don’t have the time to consider new systems. Because immigration cases involve many of the same forms, your firm can benefit from automation. Depending on the number of cases your firm handles each month or year, automating forms and data entry can be a major time saver. With INSZoom, you get predefined templates, making the job far easier. These templates are customizable to meet your firm’s needs. Thanks for watching and check back with INSZoom for more immigration news.
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